1Malaysia. Our new Prime Minister is trying to achieve that.

But someone else is way ahead of him. Someone by the name of Yasmin Ahmad. Over the years, she has protrayed 1Malaysia in most of her Petronas adverts. Malaysians loved the Petronas ads. Regardless of race, color and creed, we all look forward to the ads during the festive seasons. There's a lesson to be learnt in all the ads.

The lessons...
  1. To be nice to our old folks
  2. To be tolerant of each other's religion and culture
  3. Go home for the festive seasons
  4. Don't forget the ones that are waiting at home
  5. Don't wait too long to make it home once in a while
  6. Children are color blind... they don't know color and creed

and many more.

I've to thank her for reminding me constantly to be human. Sometimes in our crazy rat race, we forget to step back and take a look at ourselves. Sometimes we forget to be human. Everything i do, i have a tiny Yasmin by my shoulder whispering and reminding me with her adverts. I do not know her personally but she has touched my life in many ways.

She had a stroke yesterday and now lay in the hospital recovering. I hope everyone realise what a gem she is to our country. How her contributions to Malaysia made all the difference. How her work has brought us all together to be 1.

Religion never teaches us to be bad. I wonder why some common folks are still condemning her. Heartless souls. You know who you are. She is pure in my eyes.

Though some of her works are not allowed to see the light of day here in her own homeground, it has gained much fame all over the world.

Pray for her speedy recovery. Please God, don't take her away. She is a special one. She is what 1Malaysia is all about.

This is one of my all time favourite advert by Yasmin.

This is priceless.

8 woofs:

Anonymous said...

I always watch with bated breath her festives adverts,
We laugh and cry with her message to all and sundry.

She is indeed a special soul,
Let's all pray for her speedy recovery.


Unknown said...

And i will still wait for her next Raya advert for Petronas. She is a special soul.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I hope she recovers soon. Her signature style was so prominent that one could always tell when a Yasmin ad was being aired.

For her, race and religion didn't matter. I'll be saying a prayer for her.

Unknown said...

Let us all pray for her. I am sure with lot of prayers, she will be well soon.
I am hoping for very good news tomorrow.

Rozella said...

I really hope she gets well soon. She really is beyond talented.

Unknown said...

She has a kind heart. I hope for good news soon.

Nessa said...

Yasmin is truly one in a million. People are so easy to condemn without even knowing the truth.

Unknown said...

Yes.. people are always quick to condemn.. i too sometimes... but i am trying to mend my ways.