Today my ole neighbour friend came by for a visit. He walked quite far to come back to his ole neighbourhood to visit us. Sometimes he drops by when he manage to free himself and run wild and free back home. I think he still prefers our neighbourhood.

His new house is few rows of houses away and he has to cross a big wide road. He is a brave lil doggie. He was knocked down by a car before. His hind leg still bear the scars.

I don't know why he's thin like skeleton. His owners treat him very well and always buys good food for him. Maybe he doesn't have any friends in his new neighbourhood.

I had a fun time running around with my ole neighbour. I forgot his name. But we were having a swell time running up and down and sharing some cookies and water too.

Anny says that we were like practising silat. But we were just trying to out-pee and out run each other while marking all the important spots.

Joejer came to visit me too this morning. Uncle Joe says that Joejer is getting old. He is 12x7=84 years old. Uncle says Joejer has cataract. I wonder if i have it too because Boy and Anny is always saying i have when i bark at strangers that come to the house.

Today i am very happy. I have two visitors that came by to play with me. I am totally poofed. But big smiles big smiles today. Think i need my 40x2 winks now.


Silat is the art of self defence. Its a combative art of fighting and survival and it has been developed in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam civilizations for centuries into social culture and tradition. (read more here on Wikipedia).

6 woofs:

Nessa said...

Wah, nice fighting video... tapi kureng ganas la Dommy. Next taim bagi dia pukulan KO... hehe

Dommy looks real healthy, the way dogs should be :D Anny's been taking good care of you. Good girl!! :P

Unknown said...

they were not fighting.. just very happy playing and glad to have company.. u shud see the big smile on Dommy's face today :D

Dommy looks fat.. hahahaa.. got to go on diet dah.. else the vet will say he's overweight.. hehhehe

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Cool video :D Dommy not fat what. You should see me. Now I'm what you would call FAT! LOL!

Unknown said...

urmm.. for a poodle.. think he is fat.. a bit only :) i think he's having a treat too many lately.. hehehhee

imelda said...

hello there im visiting from the world's tag

Unknown said...

Hello Imelda... welcome to my blog and thank you for dropping a comment :)