All alone. I am all alone. Mummy's off for a meeting far far away. Daddy's off doing business far far away. Grandpa is not well.. so he cannot come down to take care of me. Anny's rushing for Christmas shutdown, she cannot come down to take care of me. Boy is busy with his exams.. so he cannot take care of me too. Boooooohooooooooooooo... i am all alone.. i tell you... all alone.

Mummy sent me off for boarding at this new place yesterday. When i reached there in the late evening, it was all dark and cold. All the other doggies are fast asleep. Good thing Mummy remembered to bring my Pikachu along. My Pikachu will take care of me.

Anny's been trying to check the online cctv but she only drew blanks yesterday night. Today she tried again and still cannot see a thing. Finally she got through and saw some images. But all she saw was some goldies playing around and my Pikachu on top of our room. She didn't see me.

I'm gonna stand in front of the camera tomorrow so that Anny can see me tomorrow. I wonder which camera should i stand in front of. Maybe i'm too small to be caught on the camera. The lights are out at 8pm. All doggies have to sleep and keep quiet.

I made some friends today. Mummy called to check on me and they told her that i am disturbing some female doggies here. I am innocent.. innocent i tell you. *wOOOOoof* Well.. a doggies gotta make some friends rite?

I hope mummy and daddy comes back home soon. I am beginning to miss them and my home. I think the next door doggie could be wondering where i went. He usually calls out to me.


all alone.. all alone... i miss my mummy

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Nessa said...

LOL @ piper disturbing female doggies! I say charm 'em, Piper! :D

be a good doggie ya. your mommy & daddy will come fetch you soon with loads of treats! if don have, you bite Anny's leg... heeeheee

Unknown said...

ya... tats what the guy told sis. Mebbe we shud ask Spiffy to send Pebbles over.. i m sure Piper would be smitten forever.

Anny's leg is too big for Piper's small mouth la.. how la to bite.. kakkakakakkakakaa

Mariuca said...

Wahhhh so cute and fluffy la this picture, i love! Meow meow!! oooops I mean woof woof!! :)

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Have FUN! They will be back soon! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Spiffy said...

Aiyaaa, send him to me la! I can take care of him. Besides Pebbles would probably have a blast with him around. So, what time is he coming over, ah? LOL!

Spiffy said...

Disturbing female dogs, huh? Attaboy Piper ... LOL!

Marg said...

Oh you poor thing. Maybe you will meet some more friends. Mom and Dad will be there soon to take you home. And just think about all those pretty girls you get to watch.

Unknown said...

hahahahhaa...meow meow pulak Marzie ni.. kelakornya.. hhahahahahaa..

Unknown said...

Thanks Sugar.. Mummy's coming home tomorrow.. i can go homeeeeeeeeeeeee.. yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Unknown said...

Aiyaa.. u mana ada masa jaga si Piper

Mrs Spiff will have too much on her plate if there's another shitzu around.. hahahaha.. and two kiddies too. But Pebbles will surely have a blast with him :)

Unknown said...

yala Spiff.. Piper is disturbing female doggies.
actually.. this fella manyak handsome.. and he knows it.. so he prasan a bit la.. hahaha.. he's quite flamboyant and stuckup too.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

hello Marg.. mummy's coming to pick me tomorrow... yehoooooooOOOOO.. i am going home *woof* i did meet some pretty damsels.