Here's a series of pictures i got from Jai this morning :) This are some of his vacation pictures. The view out from his grandmama's window. Its a delightful sight. The yellow birds and their nest. I think Jai's mommy or daddy is a pretty good photographer too.

I couldn't very well keep the pictures all to myself. I haveta to share it all with you here. Enjoy the yellow birds.

Jai is going to be one soon! I cannot believe how time flies. Just seems like yesterday when he was in my arms.

He cannot make it back for Christmas this year but he will be coming in January to celebrate Chinese New Year and papa's birthday.

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

At about this time last year, i was getting ready to go over to welcome Jai. My baggage was overloaded. Thank god I had a pretty good negotiator with me at the airport while i was checking in. *LOL* Trust a woman to travel light.. hahahhahahaa.. But it was all gifts from home to welcome him to this world. And lotta herbs for my sister's confinement.

Basically its quite hard to find the usual herbs for confinement over there. It would probably cost a bomb if we were to buy the stuffs there. As a chinese, confinement after birth is an important process which has to be followed closely. Else, the new mother will have aches and pain in her joints for the rest of her life. It is very painful when you get older. My eldest sister is suffering now because she refuse to follow the confinement process properly.

Can't wait for the day when he comes home for real.

6 woofs:

SGR said...

Woof! Hi There. Just want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays. Lots of Golden Holiday Woofs, Sugar

Marg said...

Those yellow birds are really pretty. And sure hope you get to see that little person soon.

Nessa said...

what pweety cheery looking birds... their nests look like the shape of upside down love!

happy Saturday Anny! Today's my dad 70th birthday :D Can't wait to go home on Monday :D

Anny said...

Hi there Sugar! You have already gone off for your long holiday. Hope you will have a great one with your loved ones! Lotta love.

Anny said...

The yellow birds are very pretty.. the nest is quite unique.

The little person is coming soon :) in January... can't wait!

Anny said...

They sure are very cheery looking.. u like the shape of the nests too? hehe

Hope you dad have a great birthday.. and i am sure he's very happy you are home now. Take good care Ness.. hope you will have a nice holiday back home.