C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S - Jim Reeves

Christmas has always been special even when we were little. We don't have a christmas tree then but we still sing christmas songs each december and wait for good ole santa to come in the big big bus (yes bus! and not a sleigh) with the carolers from the church.

Santa will bring with him lotta sweets for the whole neighbourhood kids. Some younger kids will be so scared of santa somehow.. *LOL* Some years we get big big santas that go booming ho ho ho.. and on some years.. the santa's a bit thin. But we still love that part of christmas :)

The last time the carolers came to our house to sing was a few years back when mom was still around. They had a good time challenging the motion sensor reindeer toy that we hanged on the door. When they reached a higher pitch.. the "clapping motion reindeer" will go HO HO HO and break off into a christmas song on its own. The carolers sang louder and louder to set the reindeer off. Everyone had a good laugh and lotta fun that night.

Jim Reeves is very much a part of our Christmas. We only had that one cassette by Jim Reeves for christmas carols way back then. Every Christmas, Jim will come out from the drawers and sing again :) Jim was even in the car when we go out. I think i still kinda like his christmas carols.

Christmas is just round the next bend. Dommy and i will probably take leave soon here and be off on our Christmas break and hopefully wean off some internet time :)

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Spiffy said...

Jim Reeves was a part of my childhood during Christmas too. I don't know, I really don't like the newer generation of Christmas songs all that much.

Have a great Christmas break the two of you :D

Duni said...

I like traditional Christmas songs and I love listening to Christams carols. There is something so peaceful about them.

have a nice day,


Unknown said...

u too with Jim Reeves? we had the cassette.. we still have it actually.. :)

the newer generation of christmas songs.. like josh groban, celine dion.. david fosters not too bad actually.

Unknown said...

hello Duni :) just the time of the year where every you go.. you hear a christmas song or carols.. which is kinda magical in a way.

Not those loud hippity hoppy type of christmas jingles though :)