Ipoh is a small town. Basically i don't have many friends here. But i do have lots of family around. At 11pm on a Friday night... it would be a different adventure if i am in Kuala Lumpur :) But at 11pm in Ipoh... i heard Papa locking the main gate and doors. It was getting late.

Me and my big mouth and my hungry growling tummy.
I holler out... "Who wanna go Mc Donalds??"
First person/fur/dog to jump up was Curly.. *LOL*

Like he can understand the word Mc Donalds.. hahahhahahahhaa and what i was saying. He saw me taking out my money purse and he knows i am going somewhere. He had the "take me with you eyes". It is the puppy pleading eyes.

He ran out quickly and skidded around the bends.. hahahhahaa.. it is funny to see him run in his curly wurly self.

Since we are going to the drive-thru, i quickly pack him in the car. Told him to lie low just in case my dad sees that he is in the car too. I told dad to come along as well since its so warm in the house. He was about to go to sleep.. hehhehehee

Boy was grinning as usual. A Mc Flurry on a warm day is a must. A midnight snack is an added advantage because he is still keeping late nights for his last paper on Monday. Usually he'll come out rummaging for food at about 12.

We got chocolate sundae, sundae and mc flurry, a happy meal (with a toy for Jai) and some nuggets. Quite a feast for late nights.

Everyone was stuffed and quite happy.

I almost nearly ran over a dog. Silly dog was crossing a road very slowly... and it was a dark road. The doggie was almost wanting to lie down on the road. Maybe the road is cooler in the nights. Good thing i was driving like an old lady :) I don't quite like to drive so much at night now.

Good night folks :) Catch you all tomorrow.

4 woofs:

Duni said...

Hi Anny!

it is similar here...lights out at 9:00 pm! LOL
We do have a McDonalds - I think they have a restaurant in every corner of the world!
Looks like you didn't go to bed hungry ;-)

Spiffy said...

Aiyaaa, I'm on a diet and McD sounds so darn tempting now ... LOL!

Anny said...

Hi Duni,
Lights out at 9pm your side? wow! thats earlier than where i am.. but its winter over your side.. shops do close at 4pm rite?

Yea.. i didn't go hungry that nite.. but i am now... ^.^

Anny said...

Diet memang cannot eat McDs Spiffy.. hehhehee.. try cooking something and post it up laa.. your cooking is looking very delicious..