As we promised... we made our old man a wee bit happier today. We finally put up the christmas tree :) Shame on us for making our papa wait so long for the tree to be up.

He grinned. We shifted some furniture around the hall to fit in the tree :) The three of us scooted around here and there trying to look busy while cleaning up the mess. It has been raining the whole morning and almost whole afternoon too. None of our laundry got dried.

Dommy.. urmm.. Dommy did try to help. But his main job was to be the protector of our christmas tree. He got the best seat in the house now. He's awfully proud of that.

We are clearing up here.. and going on the road by Sunday. Hopefully i can wean off some internet time and snooze. I'm still expected in the office next week.

Our tree is just 5 feet (shorty) but its a "green tree" and it is recycled every single year. We are doing our bit for the environment :) Sustainable living. For every tree you chop off, plant a tree or two back.

Here are some shots. My hands are a bit shaky lately... urmm.. it has been shaky all this time i think.. hahahahhahaa.. plus i am always too lazy for tripods and flash.

The great protector of the tree snoozing on his job!

10 woofs:

Unknown said...

You did a fine job with the photos. They look very artistic to me. And cozy and warm. Have a wonderful holiday!

Spiffy said...

Wow, cool, the tree is up :D It looks good too and I like the little picket fence.

Way to go Anny :D

Here's wish you a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you and your family :D

Mariuca said...

Balik kampung ke Anny?? My hands are shaky too, esp when wan to take pics.. dats why I always have to take a few shots of the same pic, sure blur later when check! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Fisher! Thanks :) shaky pictures.. hehhehee

Have a wonderful Merry Berry Christmas & A Happy New Year too!

Unknown said...

Our tree is small Spiffy... i always dream of a tree that reach the ceiling.. hahahahhaa

yea.. the picket fences is to prevent the doggies from going under the tree and get buzzed.. if they decide to mark the tree.. *LOL*

Have a wonderful Christmas too Spiffy.. and to Mrs Spiff.. and kiddies ++ Pebbles too!

Unknown said...

Urmm.. i kat kampung actually.. but we are going on short road trip tmrw.. :)

My hands too.. always shaky.. hahhhaaa.. but nevermind.. if you take 10 pics.. one of them will be clear :D May you have a Merry Berry Christmas with B and Phoebe, Benji and Chubbs :)

Mariuca said...

Thank you sweetie, I see u have hit the road edi, have a wonderful Christmas and come home with loads of fluffy pics to share with us yeah? :)

Unknown said...

That is one happy tree Anny.

Selamat Bercuti.

Wah, berhias bagai pokok itu. : D

Unknown said...

Yes.. we have hit the road and baliks jugo Marzie :) i baru je berblog again! thanks for stopping by when i was not around :)

Unknown said...

Tq Rizal.. memang berhias ala ala saja.. hahhahahaha.. recycle bebenda jugo.. :) same ole tree every year