I'll Be Home For Christmas ~ Karen Carpenter

A song to boost up our Christmas spirits :)

I got something to own up now. Today's the 17th December... and our Christmas tree is not up. *LOL*

We are not going to be home for Christmas this year. But that's not really a valid reason not to put up the tree and make my old man happy. I'm just lazy. Really.

My batteries are finally depleted and i'm just bumming around these few days :) Its kinda fun just bumming around.

Every home needs an anchor. Mommies are always the anchor in a home. The anchor keeps everyone and everything in place. The anchor decides on things to be done for the home. The anchor keeps the home alive and filled with laughter.

We lost our anchor in 2007. Ever since then, we all keep going off somewhere for Christmas.. hahhahaa. We run away. Christmas reminded us too much of our anchor. Even last year, i put up the Christmas tree with only Dommy by my side. I scooted off too after that.

What is Christmas without a tree?

Well.. i hope to put up our Christmas tree tomorrow since Boy came back tonite. We always need a kid around when the tree is up. After our tree is up, we'll be going off on our road trip :)

Christmas is the only time of the year when i really take a break. We have our yearly shutdown and i hope to get some alcohol to drown myself... hahhahahaha Its been a while since i had a drink and i have been thirsty :D

Hopefully... i'll have a picture to share with you guys tomorrow of our tree... or any tree :D

Karen Carpenter was a wonderful part of my childhood memories :) We grew up listening to her quite a lot. She has such an angelic voice. May she rest in peace.

4 woofs:

Spiff said...

Yes, Christmas is nothing without a tree unfortunately I'm no putting mine up. I'll just tumpang my best buddy punya Christmas spirit :D

Spiff said...

Oh and alcohol is the best Christmas 'spirit' around ... LOL!

Anny said...

Put up yours laa.. Pebbles would love some christmas spirit too without the alcohol ;)

Anny said...

urmmm.. yep yep yep.. its is the best spirit around *LOL* Just urmm.. dun drive when you get a tad too happy with the spirits :D