Before i forget about this again... here's Piper, Dommy & me giving great thanks to our top droppers and all droppers too for November. Thanks a lotta lotta for dropping by to comment and view our humble site.

November Top EC Droppers.. tadaaaaaaa!

Mumblings (phweeeet!)

Meow Diaries

A Rose By Name Learns

Sugar The Golden Retriever

Greener Pastures

Cat Lovers Site

Duck and Wheel With String


House of Book

Anything Goes!

A little bit about Nessa's Mumblings
Nessa is a Sabahan currently working and living in KL. Her blog is a mix of everything; sometimes it's sweet, sour, salty and other times never bland. She is a very nice lady who can be silly and funny too. A wonderful mother and daughter. She is someone whom i would like to meet up for a cuppa one day :)

Do visit her other two sites. They are a wee bit different from Mumblings and from here.. you will get to see the other side of Nessa ;) this is about the recipes she keeps and love this is about things that are pretty to her

horaits! Thanks again from the deep bottom of my heart... and from Dommy's heart... and and Piper's heart too :)

16 woofs:

Spiffy said...

What? I didn't make the list? Even that useless Nick fellow just made it and I didn't?

It's a conspiracy I tell you! LOL!

Congrats Nessa :D

*Stares at Nessa*

Emila Yusof said...

you mean nessa and me, right? for the cuppa?

lol nick, it's a conspiracy!

Lin said...

Thanks for the shout out, pally!

Nessa said...

WAHHHHHHHHHH!! *hidung kembang*

Anny, a cuppa tak cukup tau... nak satu gelen and lotsa kueh and cupcakes and ciskek and... and... :P

Congrats to eberibodi too.. Spaceman tak dapat! Muahahaha!

Thanks Anny, this is reali sweet of you. Thanks to Dommy and Piper and Kuning too!!

Anny said...

wahahhahahaha...Spaceman Spiff not free laa in November to drop.. nevermind la.. let Nessa be top :D
Nick made it.. almost tertinggal.. hehehehhe

no conspiracy laaa i tell u.. *LOL*

Ness.. go sharpen your nails.. and kasi kautim Spiffy :)

Anny said...

yep.. Nessa.. u and Yoonsee :)

u too Emi? its not a conspiracy laaa.... aduhai..

Anny said...

Sure thing Lin.. thanks a lot for dropping by :)

Anny said...

hidung kembang ko? hhahahaha.. it was a tight race between u and marzie... very tight..

satu gelen ribena bole.. hahahhaa.. cupcakes are a must.. ciskek too? wahhh.. manyak jugo makanan.. abis laa kita nanti

congrats to u Ness! i lupa to mention Kuning pulak.. hahahhaaa

yoon see said...

Congrats to Nessa and all that make it to the top ten.
What, I also in?!
Thanks for your kind words anny, you are such a great friend!

yunus said...

Congrats to Nessa and all participated blogger :)

Mariuca said...

Aiyoooo Pheebs dropped to number 2, meow meow! COngrats Nessa! :)

Marg said...

Congratulations to everyone that made that best commenter list. Our staff is going to have to work a little harder.

Anny said...

yep yep.. you made it into top ten too YoonSee :) congrats to u! hey.. take care of urself ya.

Anny said...

timokasih si Yun ^.^

Anny said...

Pheebs almost made it Marzie :D almost.. :)

Anny said...

hi Marg... this is the top ten listing for Entrecard Droppers :) not for commenting.. but thanks for dropping by today.