There's something which this little guy really likes. He loves car rides. He loves to look out of the window and see the world wooooooooosh past. He loves the wind on his face. (but don't try blowing on his face with your breath.. he doesn't quite like that.. *LOL*)

On long car rides, both Dommy and Piper will sleep when the car is moving. The minute the car slows down or stops, both of them will sit up straight and have the "i wanna pee" look on their face.

Piper would be very anxious to get down when he is almost reaching home. He can smell home a mile away. He'll start barking at your ears till the car reaches home. I am quite immune to all his excited barks and can almost switch off.

I remember the first time sis and i took him to the vet when Piper was a puppy. We put him in the dog carrier and put the dog carrier in the backseat. I sat with him at the back and sis drove. He was so carsick he puked in the dog carrier *LOL*

I don't know whether its my sister's driving or he was claustrophobic in the dog carrier. Sis and i being first time dog owners after a very long time even put 2 biscuits in the dog carrier because we were worried he'll get bored or hungry while we took him to the vet. Little did we know that we should not feed them any food before we get on the car or while driving or immediately after we reach home. Dogs do get carsick too.

Now that Piper is much older, he is quite good in the car. He doesn't get carsick anymore... or maybe he still does because he always doze off.

The dog carrier was only used once and it has now become a decorative item in the storeroom.

Oh ya... Piper's coming home this weekend. Curly would be so happy to have his little brother home again.

4 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Wah, Pebbles hates car rides. She's always jittery when we take her in the car, she'll be trying to run in between the pedals that I have to get Mrs. Spiff to hold on to her ...

Nessa said...

I've never seen a 'carsicked' dog... I think it's funny and cute at the same time :D

BTW, I can read in a moving car... and eat, of course! hehehe

Anny said...

Both Piper and Dommy loved car rides :) but Piper is most excited to get down when he can smell that the destination is near. He'll bark your ears off.. hahhahaha.

Urmm.. you should get Mrs Spiff to stroke her and hold her in her arms next time :) Mebbe your driving is making her wooooooozy.. hahahhahaha

Anny said...

I have seen a 'carsick' dog... and when you keep them confined in dog carriers.. its worse :D but sometimes.. i think its the driving and driver that is making the doggie car sick *LOL*

i can't read in a moving car.. i will be car sick too. You memang bagui Ness :D