Comfortable ~ John Mayer

This is one of my favourites from John Mayer. I love songs that are simple. I love things to be simple. I get comfortable easily. My love is comfortable ;)

Life is sometimes quite simple. Some people will rock your boats and make life tough for you and even for themselves. I am not quite impressed with people like that. I will stay far far away from them.

People sometimes assume that i am distant and hard to reach. My closest friends know better :) Difficult people are just so exhausting. A simple thing can be blown out of proportion. A minute matter can be a major problem.

Sometimes we should assume less and just go outside to take a good look inside :) Everything will fall into places then.

Just collecting my thoughts :)

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baincardin said...


Waahh Anny! New template ya? :)

lama btul x dgr cerita dr Anny. How's life?

*Baby Bain insyaallah this coming May, year of Tiger! dah scanned 3 kali, baby boy!!!~ ^_^ yay!

Spiffy said...

I know where to find difficult people, just go to P1, you'll find lots of them there ... LOL!

Anny said...

chop lagi? hehhehehe

Apa khabar Bain... ye tak ye jugak.. lama aku hilang je :) baby baru balik last week.. so ada lapang karang :D

this coming May? wahhhhhhh.. dekat dekat... baby boy ya? Myra mesti excited sangat now.. congrats! breathe breathe breatheeee.. ;p

Anny said...

still grieving over the P1? hehhehehe..

Mariuca said...

I just loooooove John Mayer.. he is so dreamy... :)

Anny said...

John is dreamy.. yes he is.. + sexy too *drools*

Duni said...

Simplify life!
That's my motto :)

Anny said...

That's a great motto to live by Duni :)

Mariuca said...

Mmmmmmm sambal prawns... my fave... mmmmmm.. :)

Anny said...

sambal prawns my fav too Marzie.. prawns and ketams are my top fav.. mati kerana cholesterol :)