We began our day pretty early today. Both Boy and i left the house at 7am. Both Dommy and PP went back to sleep. We reached his college at 7.30. We made good time. The roads are kind to us today. We have to keep up with this timing to avoid the early morning massive jams.

I figured we can do this. Sleep early and get up early. I could do with a early morning drive to get out for a while. Maybe i'll drop by my office tomorrow.

Checked out a new market which i am not quite familiar with. I somehow like wet markets more compared to hypermarkets. The people seem friendly enough. Prices are not too steep too. Most of them speak to me in Mandarin. All i did was just nod and nod away. *LOL* I can understand a little bit of mandarin. My sister's kids have taught me.

My niece used to speak only in Mandarin. We sure had a hard time conversing then as i only know so much and so few words. She used to ask me questions and i'll ask her the same question back. She was little then.

Today we are going to have burnt roast chicken ala boo for dinner. Some garlic toast. A big blob of mashed potatoes. And brown gravy. Here's our almost burnt dinner. hehehhehee.. Its been a while since i use an oven again. Enjoy :)

burnt chicken ala boo

mashed potatoes ala carrots

brown gravy ala too brown

piper ala blurr

That's about all our dinner (piper not included). Have a wonderful evening everyone :)

If anyone would want our recipe for burnt chicken ala boo... please leave a comment here :D We would be most happy to teach you how to burn chicken.. very fast :p

6 woofs:

Mariuca said...

I love la Piper ala blur! Dah sunat belum? :)

Anny said...

hhehehehe.. he is always ala blurr :) blom sunat lagi.. masa tak mengizinkan yet.. (we still takuts)

Nick Phillips said...

Me not liking them wet markets, busuk la ... LOL!

You'll always find me in Tesco with my stripe t-shirts being careful not to be tripped by some people I know ... LOL!

Anny said...

but but in wet markets.. you can buy 1 tomato.. 1 carrot.. 1 string beans.. and people help you chop up your chicken nicely for you.. hehehhee..

ya.. you better be careful not to be tripped in Tesco by some people I know too... hahahahhaa..

Emila Yusof said...

piper al blur!! sooooooooooooo cute!!!

Anny said...

Piper memang ala blurr.. most of the time.. hahhahahaa