Last weekend, my sister, her baby and my dad flew back home. Since she had to carry her child (Jaiboo) and take care of my dad, we requested for ground assistance to help her along the way.

We arranged for ground assistance a few days before they flew and when we were checking in their bags at the counters, the ground assistance staff came over. She was extremely courteous and nice. She told sis to go to a certain counter at the required time and she will guide them all the way to the plane.

When it was time to go, as usual, we flood the airport a little and a few last minute photo taking. We do take a lot of photos in this family (thank God for digital cameras).

A young man from the ground assistance crew was patient and waited for us to say our goodbyes. He automatically took my sister's handluggage and said that he'll help her with that. He was a nice chap who guide them to immigration and took them all the way to the gates and into the plane.

I am proud to say that we do have a world class airport here in Malaysia. With world class service. Kudos to the ground assistance staff of KLIA.

When they got to Heathrow, it was a different story altogether. A ground assistance staff met them in the plane. When they gathered their things, the man just walked ahead. He didn't attempt to help them with the hand luggage. My sister struggled to carry her child and carry her bag. Along the way, the man mentioned that he does not help with baggage at the baggage claim area.

Sometimes, if you are in the service line, it goes a long way to show some initiative. Even if its out of your job scope to help people with their baggage at baggage claim areas. People will always remember you if you helped them. They are always thankful if you go the extra mile.

Maybe the guy had a bad day. Maybe they were not allowed to help with baggage claim. Maybe he didn't feel that it was his job to help with baggage claim or even to help a struggling mother carrying a baby with her bag.

My dad is almost 70. Surely he cannot drag a bag out of the conveyor belt. Thank God for good samaritans in fellow travellers.

When a person request for ground assistance, they are either senior citizens or minors travelling on their own. Sometimes they are disabled people or people with babies. If a person can do without assistance, they would not ask for help.

I am glad our airports in Malaysia is friendlier and world class. Our service staff is with world class attitude. Malaysia mesti Boleh!

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Spiffy said...

Nice to know that we have some decent service in this country. Just don't introduce P1, sure ruin one the country's reputation ... LOL!

Anny said...

we do have a world class airport here in Malaysia... KLIA is one of the best :) still grieving over P1? hahahahaa... they sure getting lotta earfuls from you.. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

I have been to airports in most regions...from the most barren to the so called top of the line..Im glad to say, i rate KLIA as one of the best if not THE BEST.

Cant wait to go home..


Nessa said...

oh, your dad follow your sis pi London! Is your dad coming back or not or staying with your sis for a while? sori manyak Q's ah.

I've been to KLIA quite a bit. Maybe I look too local to be given assistance... oh well... I'm glad to know there are still people who care and provide assistance to those who really need them :D

Anny said...

KLIA is one of the best airports around. Come back home soon ya!

Anny said...

my dad go holiday and spend more time with little bug Jaiboo :p he'll be back soon :)

KLIA memang bagus. I love our airport.. its big spacey and big and nice. Ground assistance kena request first :) they assist the senior citizens and minors or disabled.