Since the little one arrived, she forgot all about me. Most of the time, she is busy cuddling or playing with the kid who keeps pointing at me and babble away.

She still remembers to feed me but no more tummy rubs. She doesn't roll on the floor with me now like we used to in the hot afternoons. She's always carrying the little one here and there and sometimes when she's at the computer, she has the little one on her lap. Even i don't get to sit on her lap :(

I know Piper did... I have seen her holding Piper in her arms when she is at the computer but not me. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. am i third class citizen now.

I know i am a bigger dog.. but i deserve all the cuddles and tummy rubs too. I look at her and stayed with her each time she works in her room. I always return to base, that is beside her everytime i go out to take a leak. I never abandon her. Even though grandpa's room is cooler in the afternoons, i never once leave her to work on her own. I sat by her and watch her work.

Now with the little one around, her attention span on me has waned tremendously. Don't i the Curly deserves her undivided attention like always? Don't i the Curly one deserves her time.

I did have a lack of appetite because of the lack of attention. I even wanted to take a leave of absence and go back with Piper to his mommy's home but i'll never abandon her. I am usually lazing on air on my poang in the afternoons but i always kept an eye open to keep her company. Lu Orang Ah will never understand. I am lacking in affection. Its not like what it used to be anymore.

But i have a big heart. All Curlys do have big hearts. I forgive her. The little one is very important to her. Her time with the little one is precious. I know i'll have her back when the little one leaves soon. My lack of Anny will dissapear in a few weeks time. She will be all mine again and we'll be back to rolling on cold floors on warm afternoons.

Congrats to you Auntie Nessa... for guessing it correctly. LOA stands for Lack Of Attention. The teenagers in her life tells her lots of things in abbreviations. *LOL* I am just a dog. I don't know what abbreviations are. Its too long a word to remember anyways.

Thank you too to Auntie Marzie for your time and we had fun distracting you on a Monday :) Thanks Uncle Spiffy.. Lu Orang Ah... aiyaaaaa.. apa niii..

Well goodnite people. Hopefully i'll get a bigger treat tomorrow because i can see from her eyes that she is feeling very guilty for neglecting me lately.

till then. *woof*

Here's our winner for the LOA contest.


Nessa's also blogs on Recipes I Luv and So Pwetty!

For being quite close.. and for distracting her too much on a Monday, its only fair to give her some credit for trying :)


Marzie also blogs on Meow Diaries and Maurica's Perfume Gallery

I had lots of fun reading all the comments. Thanks a lot for humouring me on a Monday.

10 woofs:

Mariuca said...

Hahahah alamak lack of affection so close!!! Hahahha so funny la!!

Mariuca said...

Congrats to Nessa and oso to Spiffy for guessing... was fun, frustrating cause couldn get it right but most of all it was hilarious! Hugsy Anny, thanks for the mention and the banner too woo hoo!!!!! Benji bawak birthday cupcake for u! :)

Nessa said...

Tenkiu Anny, tenkiu Marzie... tenkiu eberibodi... wah, im on cloud 9 today.. hehehe :B

Spiffy said...

Wah, Lu Orang Ah, damn terror one ... I never even thought of Lack Of Attention la ... damn, there goes my chance of winning millions! LOL!

And Dommy, nect Anny give you LOA, you can come over to my house and Pebbles will keep you company ... hehehe ...

Anny said...

quite close Marzie... thanks for spending time and guessing :)

Anny said...

frustrating too? hahhahaha you are most welcome! thanks for trying so hard.. hehehhehe.. i lob cupcakesssssss.. any more cupcakes from Benji's birthday?

Anny said...

clouuuuuuuddd 9 ka Ness? hehehheee... you are sure the smartest :D

Anny said...

memang terer laa.. Lu Orang Ah tak tau ka? hahhahahahaa..

come over to your side? mebbe.. urmmm.. are you sending the air-con taxi?.. i'll go pack my food bowl and treats :) wooooooooooooooFFF!

Duni said...

OMG, aren't you CUTE!!!
Professional photos are just the best and you're such a professional and adorable model too.
I'm sure you had lots of fun :)

Anny said...

thanks Auntie Duni :) i did have a lotta fun that day :D