My non-existence lately... my apologies to my fellow bloggers for not visiting much. I've been overwhelmed here.. *LOL* with a lil one who's constantly like a super bunny.. crawling in a fast forward speed... or tumbling over and trying to walk a few steps.

Sis and i both look like scarecrows now. Urmm.. literally. We have dark panda eyes.. and sleep is indeed a pleasure when the head gets to rest even if the pillow is as hard as a rock.

I thought i'll fatten sis up a bit when she's back here for a holiday. But heck no. She's losing more weight here because of the heat... and the sweat. *LOL* I bet she can't wait to go back home to the cool and cold.

One year of taking care of her child with her hubby with no other help seems to take a toll on both of them. I guess they have not slept much since the lil one arrived. But the joy and happiness he brings is of course worth it all even when sleep eludes them.

The heat is taking a toll on us here. The house is like an oven in the afternoons. I bet you can even fry an egg on the porch. Its getting warmer and warmer as days goes by and soon.. we'll just dry up like prunes or ikan bilis. Urmm.. that's a bit of dramatics that goes on in my head all the time. Its the heat.

Jaiboo is sick. Dad is sick. Dommy threw up some yellow stuffs this morning. I kinda sorta going to be sick. Sis is white faced... and Boy.. i told him to drink and drink water like no tomorrow. We cannot have another sick one at home.

Hope both of them will be well soon. They will be travelling in less than 2 weeks time. Dommy is alright now. Snoring away and chasing cats in his dreams.. hehhehee.. He has a love for chasing cats in the garden. He doesn't know he can't climb trees and cats can.

These past few days have been quite taxing. Thank god we have aunts bringing aloe vera drinks... some boiled brown drinks... and lotta food. We are so blessed to have family around.

At one point... i was actually so tired from doing the chores.. i just crawled into bed and play dead.. *LOL* I am quite good at playing dead. Sometimes i retreat to my secret hiding place/the hole to hide out too to have some quiet time to rest.

I have a menu running in my head constantly on what to do first and what to boil next.. hahhahaha.. it was crazy. Its like a mental tick-off list in my head. But things are looking up :) I am sure everyone's getting better now. Even Jaiboo. Once he has his bottle of milk... he's like a recharged bunny.. hahahhaa

Today he said "hiiiiiiiiiii" to Dommy.. hahhahaa He only knows Dommy. When you ask him where's grandpa.. he'll point at something but never grandpa... and where's mommy.. he'll point at something else but never the mommy. (i think he's just playing us) But when you ask him where's Dommy.. he'll always points out Dommy correctly. He's always babbling to Dommy. I wonder if Dommy understands him.

gosh i'm gonna miss him so.

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Nessa said...

oh tell me about the heat! if i had the $$, I'd move to Iceland oredi... OK, maybe not Iceland la... Genting Highland pun boleh jugak.

aiyoh, why everybodi falling sick? kesiannya... it's the blardy heat la. Demmmm!!

so kiut la baby Jai recognizes Dommy only... hehehe. kesian his grandpa. Dommy must be one hepi doggy :D

Anny said...

Iceland ka? too cold la that one.. Cameron or Genting is just nice :D

yaaaaaa.. its the blardy heat.. hahhahaha.. Dem polak *LOL*

he does recognize most of us.. but will only point out Dommy. We know cos he has a sly grin on his face so we know he tipu when he points something else... even small babies know how to tipu.. hahahaa

dommy is sure a happy dog :D

Nick Phillips said...

Aiyoooo the heat is so horrible that if I wasn't afraid of getting arrested, I'd be walking around naked! Hahahaha!

Yes, it's advisable to drinks loads of water at times like these cos we tend to get dehydrated without even knowing it.

Hope you guys gets well soon :D And urrmm, you can always send Dommy here, you know ... LOL!

london vet said...

It is good to hear from you again.