Peaceful Easy Feeling ~ The Eagles

We went on the road again last Saturday :) Our car was filled to the brim with Boy's things and some of mine. Dommy just had a red bag with all his food stuffs and treats (i forgot to take his bedding). All this "on the road" trips is really tiring. We have been going up and down these past few weeks. Even my old car is complaining of weakness.

Boy's finally registered in a college to do his foundation. We all decided he should not do Form 6 and go through a whole of hell, pressure and stress. Its tough to be a kid nowadays. Education here is very much measured on excellence. You have to be the best or the best and nothing but the best.

Education should be changed and concentrate more on building kids to be more all-rounded and not turning them into robots through rote learning. Parents are just more concerned about how many As their kids are getting. It is of course not quite healthy learning. But.. i am not a mother/parent. What do i know. I should reserve my comments to myself.

Boy came here with mixed feelings. I am sure he's quite afraid of leaving the comforts of home. Home where he's been staying for the last 17 years. He's always been with my parents... his grandparents. When he was born, he was automatically sent to my parents as his parents were working in another state and a bit young to care for a small baby. The years just went by and in way he stayed behind with my parents and got used to life in Ipoh.

Parents shouldn't worry too much if their child is loved especially by grandparents. Its a different kind of love. Our hearts are able to take quite a lot of love. The bond between a mother and their child is always there. No one can take away that bond between them. The mother carried the child for the whole 9 months. The bond is already created when the baby is in their womb.

Here i am now. Looking at some green swaying plants in front of my window now. I am like a nomad. I keep moving.. *LOL* I brought my work with me and settling in my sister's house for the time being. When Boy is more settled and ok, i'll be on the road again back home.

Its really kind of peaceful here. There's the peaceful easy feeling which i am not quite used to yet. I have been running around like a headless chicken for the past 3 years. It is almost surreal to be so easy and peaceful. It might get a tad too boring after a while.

Ops! 2pm already. Time to get back to work.

Oh ya! Congrats to Emila Yusof for being the grand prize winner of Blog4FT . She has worked very hard the past year and just came back from the children's book fair in Bologna, Italy. Hard work always pays off in the end. Congrats to you Emi!

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Spiffy said...

Wah, you still out berlepaking on the road? Cool la you ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

Oh and I LOVE the Eagles :D

Duni said...

You're 'on the road' quite often recently. I'm sure Dommy is glad you're taking him along, but it must still be exhausting!
btw, the Eagles rock :)

Nessa said...

Berhati-hati di jalanraya ya. I'm alwes jittery when I'm on the roads... cos there are alwes reckless morons around and stay far far away from big lorries/trucks.

Yup, congrats to Emila!! She memang deserve the grand prize :D :D I so hepi for her!

Anny said...

mana ada berlepaking one.. hahhahaha... i am working lo :)

Anny said...

i LOVE the Eagles too :)

Anny said...

Quite often Duni.. hehhehee.. i didn't unpack the last week and there we were on the road again :)

I won't leave Dommy behind.. he goes wherever i go. Unless its far far away.. then he has to go for boarding :)

Eagles sure rock big time.

Anny said...

aku suda sampai destinasi Ness :) and i get jittery of big big empty flying lorries too... hehhehehe

Emi deserves the win. She has worked harder than anyone i know :) she is an inspiration.