Dommy's 8 now. Eight is wise old age to be for a dog. And at eight years old, he is definitely wiser and urmm.. older than me.

To determine a dog's age in human years, it is commonly believed that each year of their life is equivalent to seven human years. I just found out that it is not quite right. It depends on the breed and size. The first two years of their lives are a fast forward in human years for our furry friends. I found a dog age calculator on Pedigree's website. Head over there if you want to check it out. Here's the link

Dommy is a standard poodle. According to the calculator, he's 61 years old.

In human years, your dog is 61 years old and is considered a senior dog

Gosh! If i go by the commonly believed calculation of 7 human years, he should only be 56. He sure don't look 61. He still runs like a horse and plays like a kid when his friend Lester drops by.

Curly taught me many things. He's pretty wise for a curly. Watching and being with him made me realise that there are things that my dog teaches me each day.
  1. Patience. Curly says, if you sit quite still with puppy sad eyes at your friend's side when he/she is eating, they are bound to feel guilty and finally share some of their food with you. But love doesn't mean that we can overfeed our dogs.
  2. Unconditional Love. Stay with your loved ones no matter what happens. Through sunny and rainy days, Curly stays by my side and never once abandon me. Even though i have abandon him and gone off on my own holidays for long periods of time, he will keep watch and wait for my return. He will be back to his joyful self and tag me like my own shadow when i am home. And only a dog will love you so.
  3. Have Fun.When its time to rest, take a rest. When its time to work, do work. When you are tired, take 40 winks. When the sun is shinning bright, run out to the garden and roll around :) When the days are too warm, roll on the floor and take a break.
  4. Walks. Have walks with your loved one. Have many walks and leave many mails along the way. Make friends and check out new places.
Some of it and more... to be continued on another day. Its getting a wee bit late.

Happy Birthday my dear Curly. Even though he does not read my blog, i am sure he knows i am writing about him :) He kept looking my way and asks me to go to sleep. *LOL*

10 woofs:

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! 8 is surely a great age. Will check the link ... my Pawday coming up too. Happy Happy Pawday Dommy. You're a lucky wise dog to have such a sweet mom. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Duni said...

Happy Birthday Dommy! You look real good for your age ;-)
Must be all that TLC from your mommy!!!

Fisher and Staff said...

Birthday's just get better as we get older and wiser. yeah, that's it. Happy Birthday!

Anny said...

8 sure is a nice age to be... thanks for the Pawday wishes Sugar. Yours coming up soon too? that's cool! I am sure a lucky ole dog and wiser than Anny that's for sure :)


Anny said...

Thank you Auntie Duni... i look good but i have many ole spots... :) but i can still run very fast.. :D


Anny said...

Birthdays do get better when we get older.. and birthdays are always great.. cos i get big treats :)

Thanks for the wishes Fisher!


Nessa said...

Wooof! Woooff! WoFFFF!!!

Hepi besday Dommy... ((Big hugs))

Spiffy said...

He's such a cute lil fellow. When you posrajuing him to me?

Anny said...

Thank you auntie Nessa :) glad you are back after your hiatus :D


Anny said...

posrajuing him to you Spiffy? he'll probably bark at you first when he arrives.. then he'll bite your behind *LOL*