My father is quite a lonely man now. Since Boy went off to college, part of my father's life became empty. Boy was his life. Everything he did was for Boy. They did spend quite a lot of time together last time. My dad drove him everywhere. He was his responsibility and he did a wonderful job. Grandfathers always love you more because they have all the time to love you and nothing else to worry about anymore in their winter years.

My mom passed away suddenly without sickness and without a goodbye. She just left in May 2007 without waiting for us to be home. Sometimes we all wished to have one more day with her to say our goodbyes. But that is not quite possible. Well.. maybe possible.. if you have read Mitch Albom's For One More Day. It is quite a touching story. I shall spare you the details.

I have been watching quite a lot of tv this past week. Yes yes.. tv numbs the brain and sometimes makes you stupid. *LOL* But Glee was on and it is my favourite show. After Glee, i was channel flipping and For One More Day movie was on Hallmark channel. It was a good movie. Quite emotional and sappy. At least he got to spend one more day with his mom.

Sometimes when loved ones leave suddenly, we get affected in a weird way. We get angry with the departed for leaving without a goodbye but sometimes it is for the better. It would be worse to watch a loved one breathe their last breath.

This morning, i woke up to find dad home from his morning walks with his friends from the park. He came up to me and whispered. "Guess what.. i think your mom came back yesterday. I smell her presence in Boy's room". I rolled my eyes and almost fell off laughing away. He said.. its trueeee... i can smell the ointment she uses. I can even smell it in my car.

Then i took him to Boy's room and showed him the air freshener that kinda smell like my mom's ointment. We both laughed about it. And i took him to his car and showed him the same freshener i hung in his car. Then he told me... he was actually spooked. *LOL* Poor dad.

In our culture, we do believe that the departed comes back sometimes for visits. My grandma used to tell us that when big celebrations are about in the house, our departed loved ones will come back sometimes as butterflies or moths. I believe my mom does come as a bird. She's usually in the garden chirping away. She used to tell Boy that when she is dead, she wants to be a bird. To be free and fly everywhere.

I made my dad watch the repeat of the movie For One More Day this morning on Hallmark. He did enjoy it :) He mentioned that if he had watched it with me yesterday, he would be more spooked this morning *LOL* I do have quite a funny dad.

The reason why we are given parents in this life is, we are given second chances to make things right. When we grow up and get caught up with our own lives, sometimes we forget about the ones at home who is old and waiting. A phone call brightens their day. A visit makes all the difference. I am one of the lucky ones who can work at home and spend my time with my old dad. Not everyday is sunny and bright. Yes.. we have some differences. And yes, i am not one with the most patience. But yes, we have good days too.

When i was little, i was quite a sickly child. Most of the time, my mom and dad would sit by my bedside when i was sick to see if i was still breathing. Sometimes, my dad will stay up and sit beside me the whole night till morning. He taught me the Kookaburra song and i guess i was the only one who sang it with my dad. I don't know if my sisters remember the song.

We are given second chances. So make it right. Don't have many regrets in life. When all is gone, don't hope For One More Day.

Wishful thinking... but it would be nice to see mom again.. even for one more day. Even though loved ones never do leave you and are with you in spirit and thoughts. It would still be nice for the one more day.

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Spiffy said...

And yes, the departed really do come back cos I've had experiences of 'feeling' my grandma in the same room which spooked the heck out of me even though I was grandma's pet.

Spiffy said...

I have to agree with the part about people coming back cos my grandma came back as a dragon fly and my grandpa came back as a cockroach ... LOL!

Anonymous said...

I do miss Mom a lot, still think about her almost every day...I always wish I could have one more day with her too...
Yes...I remembered the Kookabura song well, I sang to your godson too...

Anny said...

dragonfly i have heard... cockroach too? nanti you grandfather comes back and give you a whack on your head la.. hahhahahaha

Anny said...

the departed usually don't come back to spook their loved ones.. i think. Maybe your grandma just came to check on you saja since you were her pet :)

Anonymous said...

My grandma came back as a bright yellow bird..too bad i just finished making a new catapult and had some cool round stones.

Forgive me grandmaaaa!