How was your day today? Did you have a good day? Or a super super annoying day where everything went wrong and you just want to punch someone's face.

If you did have an annoying day... here's a video i want to share with you all. Stormy found it on youtube and we were kinda tickled crazy by this yellow waddle waddle.

This Song is by Bryant Oden and Animation By Forrest Whaley.
Courtesy from

Do check out the expression on the lemonade stand man's face. Priceless.

If you find this annoying but kinda enjoyed it anyway, do go to YouTube and look for Part 2 and 3. The story continued from there.

Urmm... Hey.. Got any grapes?

2 woofs:

Marg said...

Loved the video of the duck. Got any grapes. It did make me smile. Nothing better than something very simple.
Have a great day.

Unknown said...

I still keep going back to watch it.. waddle waddle.. hehehhehe.. so simple yet so funny.

thanks for dropping by Marg :)