12:16am... on a Tuesday morning :) It is nice to be home.

We came home finally (dad, Dommy, Piper and i) last monday. We have been away from home since Jaiboo left in March. It seems like quite a long time ago. We did make short trips back home for a day or two and left again for Kuala Lumpur.

Actually it was suppose to be just a 2 weeks stay at my sister's house while i help Boy settled in to college. But it became a 2 and a half months stay away from home. Good thing we have great relatives who have been looking out for this ole house.

During our 2 and a half months away,
  1. Boy went into Taylor's for further studies
  2. Piper got neutered and woozy for almost a week
  3. Dom went for 2 grooming sessions with Tiffany
  4. Boy got out from Taylors and went for matriculation
  5. Dom and Piper moved to the pet hotel for almost a week
  6. Dommy got sick
  7. Roadtrips to visit Boy in another state
  8. The three of us going for holiday
  9. Seeing many sleeping koalas
  10. ... some wallabies which i thought were kangaroos wannabes
  11. Being pecked by some birds
  12. People telling me that kangaroos cannot "gostan" 
  13. Fairy penguins can go blind if you flash your cameras at them
  14. Vietnamese takeaway food are nice
  15. Forgetting to put Frontline for Dommy and now he's itchy
  16. Jaiboo can dance now
  17. Water is expensive in Aus
  18. Mum getting less candles lit while we were away
  19. Homes become like a sandy beach if you leave them too long
  20. but Home is the most comfortable place on earth :)
Its kinda like a whirlwind 2 months being away. I have many thoughts in my head which i need to purge it out soon.. hehhehehee.. No good keeping too many things inside. My memory slips day by day. Time is always being selfish.

Hopefully this blog will be my memory keeper.

Ahhh... Aini coming to help me tomorrow. I have missed her. I better knock off now else i cannot be up in time for her.

More pictures of the Great Road Trip soon :)

*gostan means to reverse, in a backwards direction

2 woofs:

Nessa said...

Anny, did i ever told you how heartwarming your posts are?? :D

looking forward to seeing those great road trip fotos!

Anny said...

thanks Ness.. late night posts are usually more from the heart :p

posting soon :)