Oh My Papa ~ The Everly Brothers

This song is one of my dad's favourite. He listens to this quite often on some afternoons. I am sure this song reminds him of his own father.

My grandfather is a well-respected man in the town of Lenggong, Perak. Even till today, when we go back to Lenggong for All Soul's Day, some old folks in the market or the old guys at the bus station still remembers him and his good deeds. He was well-liked and kind. Even though we never got to know him, his children, relatives and friends only have good words about him. Not an inch of bad bone in the good man. My grandfather passed away when my dad was in his early 20s.

My dad and his elder brother took care of the younger ones when their dad passed away. Grandma never remarried and remain loyal till her final days. With many younger brothers and sisters, both elder ones have to sacrifice their dreams and kept the family together.

My dad has always worked hard. He is a teacher. He used to cycle many miles to teach tuition at another side of town. That was before we had a car. When we moved in to our house... the same old house i am in now, we didn't have any furniture. Just some mattresses to put on the floor to sleep. Every single thing in this house is bought with his hard earned money. We sat on boxes for quite a while. But we were happy. I did have a wonderful childhood. I was never made to work. Only dad worked. Mom took care of us.

On occasions when my dad had a bit more extra money that month, he never failed to take us for ice-cream at Maxim's or Green Fern Coffee House. Green Fern was like some hoity toity restaurant with a live band back then. Now it has become a nightclub with a new name *LOL* At Maxim's or Green Fern, i'll always order the same one scoop chocolate ice-cream. I am quite faithful to my one scoop chocolate ice-cream. And it has to be chocolate :)

I remember that my mom and dad usually only drink the plain water while the four of us will have our ice-cream. It was always a treat for us and nothing for them. They will just enjoy the music while we the kids chatter away.

Every school term break, we went somewhere. My dad has a travelling bug. He loves to go places and see things. He still do. Local holidays which saw us moving up north and down south. We went to a lot of places and a lot of photo memories from when we were little.

My dad is now in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Father's Day with his favourite grandson. He's been missing Boy each and everyday. He asks me if Boy has called almost everyday. Its hard for an old man to let go but he's doing better now.

It sure is lonely in Ipoh for him. I am always working. Piper and Dommy are always sleeping. My dad is bored. He scooted off to Kuala Lumpur first chance he had. Poor man. Its good that he gets to travel up and down and see all his children and grandkids. Its good to have a change of company sometimes.

Children are good for him. They pick his brains and he tutors them over the school holidays. When he was teaching maths to Nick, i could feel a flashback to my years as a teenager. My dad teaches maths and i am quite bad at it. Still am quite bad with maths. He used to tutor me with two other boys. Once he got so mad with us, he went into to the kitchen to bring out a potato. He ask one of the boys to hold the potato on his head for quite a while. I had to hold my laughter till after the tuition. Else my dad will probably bring out another potato to sit on my head. Those were the days.

Well.. that's quite a long winded story... which has no end. My father is a great man. In our eyes, he is enough. He gave us a wonderful childhood that other kids envy. A disiplinarian but he always let his guard down when it was time for bed. He checks for mosquitoes in our rooms every single night before we sleep... even till today.

Happy Father's Day to my dear old dad and to all fathers and grandfathers out there, Have a Happy Father's Day.

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Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Great! Have a wonderful Father's Day. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Anonymous said...

Your dad is the ONLY dad i ever knew...even though my times with him are brief ones...he is to me what a dad should always be..loving, caring and sometimes just a bit stern (or else you just can't control the kids)..above all else, he is a kind dad.

So happy father's day Uncle James...may you always be surrounded by love..lotsa love!


Anny said...

Thanks Sugar! Hope you have had a good one too.