This little fella is too much.. too much i say. He's just waiting to be rolled over. He got himself neatly packed between the two wheels of my chair and went snoozing away and expect me not to even breathe or move an inch. Just because it rained and the winds were howling and there was lotta noise outside, he got real scared and decided to seek the two wheels of my chair for comfort.

Do you see the dangerous pattern. He's always have his face and nose near the wheels. His nose has to be near a dangerous about to move object. Either that or they love to sleep right behind a closed door. Sleeping and sniffing for outside activity.

When he is at home with his mommy and daddy, he is king. When they go out to work, he jumps on the nice cushion to snooze. Smart little guy eh :)

When i finally switch off the light to call it a night, he does sleep in his own bed. If the Curly is not in it.

And this is where Curly sleeps at night. Our old poang. I might need to get a new cover for the poang soon. Its all torn and old. If only i know how to sew or work the sewing machine... ^o^" Maybe i'll be able to find a book on Sewing for Dummies :)

The look very blissful when they sleep. Maybe burying bones or chasing cats in their dreams. Sometimes i hear a woof or two from Piper when he dreams. It is cute. Dom however just snores and snores away like a train :) They sleep almost the whole day when i am working and they still sleep earlier than i do at night. I think they sleep more than a koala.

They don't know it yet, but both of them are going for a car ride tomorrow. Both of them need to be groomed. Maybe a crew cut for Dom as its really warm in the afternoons. They do love car rides a lot. Both of them usually smile widely when they go for car rides.

I better call it a night now. Tomorrow i have some help in the morning and we have to be off to the groomers during lunch :) We had rain today. Our gardens are watered. The jacaranda is flowering :)

Goodnight everyone. Have a great week ahead.

2 woofs:

Mariuca said...

Awwww so cute la ur fluffies! Waiting to be rolled over it seems lol.. hmmm my cats sometimes like to hang out underneath there too, takut terkena wheels when I move abt, so when they're down there, I can't move my chair around.. can imagine how uncomfy it gets for me sometimes lol!

Anny said...

Almost tergolek la the fella.. almost everyday.. *LOL* Its kinda like a freeze moment each time he decides to stick his nose near the wheels. Guess he haven't heard of flat noses.

I can imagine you are getting it worse.. since you'll probably have three furry fellas trying to park themselves under your chair :D