Caught this on Bridge Road. When i looked up... i *gasp*.

This is one of the most complained about advertisement in 2009. It only ran in Victoria and it received 250 complaints :)

I on the other hand thinks that the advert works. I *gasped*. I am sure a lot of people did too when they looked up. *LOL* The jeans were pretty hot. I wouldn't mind a pair of them jeans.

4 woofs:

Soulie said...

*gasp!* wowww cool ad...and jeans! hehe

Rebecca said...

Can't figure why anyone would complain, they are beautiful ladies in nice clothes, well some clothes anyway. What's the big deal? I suppose if they were at each others throats fighting (fully clothed of course)nobody would have a problem. sigh.

Anny said...

yea.. cool jeans Soul :) u pon *gasp* ka? hahahahaha

Anny said...

Yup.. beautiful ladies in nice jeans.. and they were not exactly without clothes.

I guess advertising have some standards they have to follow.