Did you have a good night's sleep yesterday? Do you go to bed tossing and turning for a few hours before you fall asleep? Or are you so tired each night that the minute you lay your head on the pillow, you sleep immediately.

Few things that could help you get a good night's sleep each night (if you are having trouble sleeping)
  1. A good firm comfy bed
  2. Less caffeine in the late evening (but my sister can sleep very soundly even after a cup of coffee while i can't)
  3. A clear mind 
  4. Soothing music or a boring book..:p
  5. A foot massage
  6. A warm bath
Those are some of the things that could help you get a good night's sleep. Counting sheeps or cows jumping over some clouds helps too to a certain extent but a good ventilated room with a nice bed always helps.

I am going to do a review on some products soon. So come back here ya. I'll tell you more about it then.

6 woofs:

Nessa said...

Morning Anny!
Wah, Anny buat PB's oredi ka?? Syabas!! ;)

Yep, a boring book helps... hehe. I dunno how to count sheep. Tend to miscount and start all over again, how to sleep la? :P

Spiffy said...

Sleeping ... one of my favourite hobbies :D I have no problems sleeping.

The moment I hit the pillow, I'm out like a log ... LOL!

Anny said...

PB ka? hehehe.. is this what its called PB? Please Beep :p

A boring book helps in a way.. and counting sheeps are tedious *LOL* if you are a very meticulous person.. don't count sheeps ;)

a good firm bed helps :) i need one too. My bed is broken in places :p

Anny said...

sleeping is one of my other hobbies too.. *LOL*
People with clear conscience sleeps better :)

the moment i lie down... i'm out too but.. in an hour or two.. mister PP will want to have a drink or pee.. then i got to wake up again

Anonymous said...

Me can send u part of the "sleepy song" and u play part of it on the blog..see how many ppl doze off. hahahahaha.


Anny said...

The "sleepy song" didn't actually got you to sleep.. hehehhee.. maybe you should invest in a good sturdy bed for your back. It will do you some good.