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Stormy found this one biggggggggggggg cat on metacafe. It looks like its stuffed. It looks almost unreal. Don't you think so? Is it real? Or stuffed toy? The eyes are unblinking.. it sure looks unreal to me.

Is this cat overly loved and over fed? Gosh! Poor Meow.

Dommy's been getting a bit on the heavy side too. Everyone commented on it... hehehehehe I better start watching his food :) Sure don't want Dommy to end up like this meow.

6 woofs:

yunus said...

wow! its look like a Garfield but in different color...h.h.h ini kasi makan ape ya?

Unknown said...

yea.. looks like white Garfield.. saya pon tak tau kucing ni makan apa.. sampai besar sangat.. this vid is from metacafe :D

amat menakutkan.

Nessa said...

Oh my! Poor over-fed cat. The owners are sending it to the grave much sooner than it should... poor cat :(

It looks like a real cat... kesiannya sampai kenot climb the bed and rollover. Yeah, looks cute but I reali pity the cat.

Betul2 menakutkan... harap2 saya tak akan jadi macam kucing ini!!

Unknown said...

Mebbe there's a story behind this cat.. but it was in Japanese. There must be a reason why it became so big.

I think its a real cat too. Cute la..but kesiannyo.

Aiks! You won't be la Ness.. aduh.

Spiffy said...

That cat looks just about as fat as I am right now ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Oh Boy! urmm.. betu ka? Spiff?