Smashing posted a pretty good article today. Its about 10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines. You can read more about it on the Smashing link here Smashing Magazine.

It covers some quite important aspects of web design. These guidelines would prove useful when you work on your web.

One very interesting finding was that users do judge a book by its cover. I'm always not too concerned about appearances. Be it how i look or how the webs look. But the findings now prove otherwise.. *LOL* I am more concerned about content and usability.

What about you? Would you come back to a web which just spells pretty or would you come back to a web because of the information that lies within? Urmm.. i would definitely come back less to a web which has annoying blinking stuffs. *LOL*

Those who see faces do not see hearts ~ Portuguese proverb.

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Nessa said...

Gud morning Anny! Hope you're feeling better today ya :)

Great post by Smashing Mag.

I don judge a book by its cover. Not everyoneg is blessed with urmmm.. how do you say... 'decorating/designing' ability.

It's the contents that count for me. Yeah, I do write garbage too... like today's Plumber post. But I'm thankful there are kind souls who still read it and left comments... hahaha


Unknown said...

Morning Ness :) Yep.. feeling much better :D i am posting again :D

Smashing does have some pretty good articles... i learn a lot from there.

We are all on a learning curve.. no one is blessed.. hehehehe.. they just kinda practised and tested more.. and the www is a very evolving thing. It changes every minute. Sometimes i can't catch up.

You don't write garbage la.. hahhahahaa.. i do like Mumblings a lot.. u do mumble a lot.. *LOL*

TGIF! I can't believe it is Friday. I bet Spiffy is dancing already.

Spiffy said...

Oh yes, those annoying blinking stuff and countless pop ups! I hate those!

But for me it's the way you write, if all serious serious stuff then I'm really not interested in going back for more visits.

So yes, the contents play an important part but then 'packaging' helps quite a bit too :D

And yes, Spiffy is dancing on the tables already, some more got Pebbles in the office ... woohoo ...

Unknown said...

annoying blinking stuff and countless pop ups.. hehhehehe.. i'm with you on that.. esp the pop ups.. :D

serious stuffs ka? like apo tuh? me no like too.. i like pictures and funnies..

packaging does help in a way... we are all visual creatures.

kesian Mrs Spiff all alone crying at home and missing Pebbles.. take her home laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...