*beep beep*

*woof woof*

*beeeeep beeep*

*awwwwwwwwwwwwoooofffff wooofffff woooooooooooooooooooooooooFFFFF*

After the 2nd beep beep... i see Dommy running to the porch. Aha! My pressie must be here :)
I ran after Dommy with an extra bigggggggg grin on my silly face.

Postman in a van is here.. and he sure have a biggggggggggg box for me. I signed the package (with Dommy barking furiously in the background) and wished him Selamat Hari Raya.. he grinned and left. (ops! i forgot to ask him about ketupats and rendang Spiffy)

package 1819 (remember to buy Magnum or Toto or Da Ma Cai)

K9 unit checking package

beeeyooooootiful piwwows-piwwows waiting to pop out

Living Tapestry... at last you are mine... all mine :)

Ken my blogger friend from Tapestry held a contest last month at the launch of his new e-shop called Living Tapestry. I won at Ken's Living Tapestry Contest and he is very generous and kind to offer a big prize from his shop.

I never won anything in the blog contests before and this being the first... it surely broke the curse of contests. Thanks a lot to Ken and Lek Wei for the beautiful pillows. I will treasure it for a long time. The sewing is very nice. And the material for the pillow cases are very classy.

These pillows are like the nicest pillows in my whole household now.. *LOL* I've been putting them here and there and everywhere... these pillows are too niceeeeeeeeee.

Do check out their e-shop. They have many many different types of materials for the cushions and the designs are very classy and bold. The ones that Ken sent me are called Grey Botanica.

If you are afraid of buying online, you can go to
Red Envelope,
Lot 8, LG Floor, IKANO Power Centre


No.8, Lorong Naluri Sukma A 8A/A, Seksyen 8,
42300 Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

You can find Living Taperstry cushion covers there too. Well.. its time for my catnap or powernap.. and i am so gonna drool over the new pillows. *grins*

urmm... even Dommy has taken one for himself.. :)

20 woofs:

Ken said...

yes...finally it arrive after the long wait. Was really sorry for sending it so late but I guess at the right too. I was told the package should be arriving after one week. And due to the Raya, I think the process has been quicken in order for the Raya cards reach before Raya and so is my parcel.

Hope you like and dommy loves it :)
Selamat Hari Raya wif the cushions :)

Ken said...

Oh btw, i think i'm going to try my luck with the 1819...LOL

Ken said...

& one more thing, I'll use the photos on my blog and facebook, hope you don't mind :)

Unknown said...

No worries about it Ken.. you were bz with the new job :) its here now :D

Dommy don't get a share of it now.. *LOL* My father CHOP the donut pillow.. and Boy took one.. and i am left with one cushion.. hehehhee.. you cushions are like hot cakes in this household.. dun worry.. i will share with Dom :)

Unknown said...

ya.. i think i am going to too.. or umm.. mebbe give the number to my dad.. hehehehhee and tell him its magic no :)
My father was pretty amazed when i told him a guy sewed this cushions and i won them.. hehe.. so he chop the donut cushion.. he is using it for his afternoon nap :)

Unknown said...

Dun worry abt the photos.. whatever that is on Living Tapestry is yours for the taking... i did take a whole lot more in the afternoon with a better camera :) i'll post it later.. :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Anny! And thanks Ken, u made the whole family happy.

3757 has always been my choice though nobody has ever made a cent out of it hahaha

Can't wait till I can cook you some rendang.



Unknown said...

Yay! I got 3 new piwwows :D thanks to Ken :)

3757 again ka? hahahhaaa.. abis! now got another number for dad.. hehhehee.. abis abis...

rendang come to meeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Ken said...

You're most welcome Anny, you deserve it cause you won it.

Glad that the cushions are like hot cakes...more to come...stay tune :)

marvicn.com said...

anny, the pillow is so beautiful...i want some too..hehehe..lucky u won the contest..

Spiffy said...

Aiyah, how could you forget to ask about the rendang and ketupat la Annyboo? LOL!

Spiffy said...

Wah, nice cushions la? And urmmm, that cushions were supposed to be mine la but then you had to go and won it by writing a darned good slogan ... *stares* ... LOL!

Congrats on getting the cushion, Dommy is the smart one by hijacking one oredi ... hehehe ... Urmmm pebbles also want one la .. hehehe!

Spiffy said...

And don't forget the rendang and ketupats next time, k? Hahaha!

Nessa said...

Wah, wah! I manyak jeles ooohh! So many fluffy and nice and pweety looking pillows :D

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot Ken.. urmm.. i still have not posted more pics yet.. hehhehe.. i have been lazy.

Unknown said...

Thanks Maria :) They are very nice piwwows... really nice job on the sewing by Ken. The pillows look very grand in this household.. hehhehehehe

Unknown said...

Yele Spiffy.. i forgot to ask Mr Postman for the rendang and ketupats.. hahhahaa but i did remember to wish him selamat hari rayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

Unknown said...

Ya.. thanks to you spiffy.. u and Ken reminded me to join the contest.. :D tq tq tq

Pebbles also want one ka? i'll urmm.. urmm.. send her over first.. then i kasi her one of the pillow :)

Unknown said...

I shall not forget the rendangs and ketupats next taim.. hehehehe.. even my dad is reminding me about rendangs.. abislaa.. mana jugak nak cari tuh...

Unknown said...

Don't be jeles le Ness... urmm.. u have the pink cupcakeos pillows le from Emi.. hhehehehee.. tat is good enough to eat too.. i m jeles too of that pink cupcakeos :p