A Big Huge Thank You to my TOP 10 Entrecard Droppers.

**note to top dropper... i promise to make you a badge... soon.. :) and and and i'll buy u coffee if you FedEx the little furry fella over... and and i'll give you free promo on the right panel beside Emila for a wholeeeeeeeee month :) How's that?

Anything Goes!

A place where I can speak my mind about anything at all under the sun.

Spiff, The Spaceman
A crazy spaceman in search of all things weird...

Meow Diaries
All about Mariuca and her three adorable fluffy cats!

Greener Pastures
Sharing my art experience through art & photography.
Thank you to follow my weekly creative submission on Illustration Friday, Cactus Monday and Friday Fill In Challenge :)

The mumblings of a temperamental girl about life and all its interesting bits and pieces...

WillOaks Studio
An artist's blog about living the creative life in a beautiful rural part of Northern Illinois. Equal parts art and gardening, jewelry and nature all pulled together with lots of photography. No paid ads!

Animal Kingdom
cute animals video, photos and anything about pets/animals world

Dream Themes
Welcome to my world of party ideas and themes.

Sader's Pet Pix
Stories about my pets, my dachshund Sadie, my cat Maxx and family pets. I also post pet related things I find online.

Otak 3 Pagi Experiment
bem69's art, design, illustrations and photography blog where he posts new creative works he makes. Works includes digital painting and vector illustrations.

10 woofs:

yoon see said...

Congrats to all:)

Nessa said...

Morning Anny! :D

Wat??? I'm #5 only... I demand a recount!! How the heck did spaceman overtake me? :*(

*super stare at top 2*

pssst.. Anny, no need la the badge... hehehe

Spiffy said...

What???? How the heck did that Nick from Anything Goes get first? It's a conspiracy I tell up!

Spiffy said...

LOL@Nessa for demanding a recount. I also want a recount cos I think it's a conspiracy that Anything Goes got top EC! hahaha!

Spiffy said...

What do you mean no nee badge Nessa?

*stares at Nessa*


Unknown said...

yay! congrats to all :)

Unknown said...

Morning Ness... urmm.. Good nite actually.. hehehe.. sorry baru now only replying to comments :)

urmm.. i think your computer rosak.. and and u had problems with the blog.. and and.. but hey! still #5 is not bad :) recount ka? hahahhaa.. i dun even know how to work the entrecard properly le

no badge for the Nick fella ka? hehhehee... urmm.. urmm.. he might send the spaceman over and kasi ray me la.. takuts...

Unknown said...

yala.. how did the Nick fella overtake u Spiffy.. u go kasi raygun him la... faster faster..

Conspiracy lagi? tak abis abis with the conspiracy.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

Recount? u too? cam mana count.. hahhahaa.. its auto stats la.. u u u go and err.. err.. buzz the entrecard fella la.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

hehehehhee... u and Ness cam cats n dogs.. hahahhahaha.. where's Rozie when we need her..