My attempt at planting catnips months back bare nothing. There were some tiny leaves that tried to come out.. but gave up after a while. So i forgot about catnips and moved on *LOL* Well... i am pretty bad at planting anything because my fingers are not green :D

The only thing that survived my planting are jatrophas. But jatrophas are very hardy plants. They hardly need any tending or watering for that matter. *LOL*

My father loves to eat papayas. I have been buying papayas from the morning market for a long time. We used to have some papaya trees around. But they kinda finished their fruiting phase and just got chopped off. This time he saved all the papayas seeds and i ended up with a whole bunch of them. And so... my attempt at planting restarted.

I scooped the soil from my "failed capnip pot" and put it into a smaller pot. Poke a hole in the middle and dropped a whole bunch of papaya seeds in. Close it up and left it aside. I think that's how things are planted.. hahhahahahhaa

The picture above is the pot that i planted 2 weeks back i think. It doesn't look like papaya leaves to me. I think i am getting catnips after all *LOL*

Or a catnip papaya wannabe.. hehehehe.. I still don't know what i'll be getting yet. Hmm.. the leaves kinda changed again today.

The catnip plant above was planted by Stormy long time ago. Whatever he plants grows properly :) I sure hope i am getting some catnips this time. I have a resident Meow now that just stays in the garden every other afternoon :) He would surely love it.

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baincardin said...

papaya+catnip=new breed! :)

papacat or papanip? ^_^'

*nanti kita tunggu mcm mana hasilnya ya :)

Nessa said...

I dunno why I don like papayas. We had a few papaya trees when I was growing up and the fruits were kinda bitter, not sweet... odd! Dah buruk kot... LOL!

Next taim leave the planting to Stormy la Anny... hehe

Unknown said...

hahhahahaha.. betu new breed too.

papacat?? hahahahahhahahaa

Bila makan papaya tuh (if i m getting papayas.. u might get a wee bit high) *LOL*
catnip cam ada high sikit on cats.

Unknown said...

My nephew pon dun like papayas.. hahhahaa.. i also dun know why. Try the smaller papaya... hawaiian ones... very sweet. Its nice when its chilled :)

bitter? mebbe blom masak kot.. hahahhahahaaa

i think you are right.. next time i leave the planting to the Storm :p

Spiffy said...

Ok, this is going to make me sound even stupider than normal, but what the heck is a catnip? LOL!

And does this mean there is a dognip plant too? Hahaha!

Ok, ok, enuf of being blur. I still need some enlightenment on what a catnip is ...

Unknown said...

Catnip... is a plant that every cat loves. Its makes them go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and happy :)

ada ka dognip? hahahahaa.. but dogs are basically already very happy on their own.. they dun need a booster.. hehehehe

baincardin said...

tigers also can get affected...huhuu....

Unknown said...

tigers jugo? wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. but tigers might need lotta catnips to be happy...

i pon lupa cats are like mini tigers too.. hehehehee