My apologies for the lack of posts lately. We were practising hibernation to prepare ourselves for winter :) Not that we have winter in this country.. hehehehehe.. but with the consistent year end rainy days... everyday seems like a good day to sleep.

I got myself addicted quite strangely and willingly. The numbing sensation was kinda nice. Oh woe is me. I've gotta get myself sorted out soon else i'll be lagging again but with a pretty grin on the silly face of mine.

First it was the coffee. Early morning wake up coffee was good and kinda help you open your eyes wideeeeeeeeeee ^.^ It kinda leaves an after-taste in your mouth and stain your teeth more. Usually i only have one coffee a day. But lately, i've kinda graduated to 2 coffees :D And if you eat out in this town where i live... its quite a norm to order iced white coffeeeee. So on a given day that we eat out, i would probably have 3 coffeeees rolling in my stomach. A constant caffeine high.. wheeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. A cuppa hot coffee on a rainy afternoon is very nice.. and comforting. Halppppppppp... i'm a coffee addict.

Then it was the constant rolling with Dommy on the floor in the afternoon. *LOL* He turns over and i give him a big tummy rub and that sorta give him big smiles and giggles. Urmm.. ok.. mebbe the giggle was in my imagination. Every night while i am working, he'll give me the "i wanna pee look" on his face. I open the door for him and he'll just happily trot out and trot back into the room. This has been going on for the past few days. I open the door for him and he goes outta the room.. and comes back in and lies on his bed. Then he comes back to my side and nudge me... while having the "i wanna pee look" on his face. I open the door again and he trots out and trot back in and lies on his bed. I think he's LOA or just playing me! Halpppppppppppppppppppp... i'm addicted to Dommy and i've become his slave.

Astro is kinda crummy lately with their crummy repeated stuffs... but i don't know why i am watching so much tv in the night and numbing my brains. I've become a channel surfer and just gets glued to the tv for at least 2 hours. Halpppppppppppp... i'm a tv addict too.

The lack of posts lately was because i was doing some testing on the site and watching it silently.. hehehhehe. It is also the year end and i'm usually a wee bit busier preparing stuffs for the office.

Oh ya.. and we were busy preparing the house for Jai to come home in January. We still got loads to do. We haven't done the spring cleaning and my hands are already cracked in spots. We even got our hands deep in cement fixing stuffs around the house. We were not very good with the cement thingy.. hahhahahaa... that was hard work and the rain kinda helped us washed all our cementing flaws away. So much for cementing.

And there was the book i got from the 2nd hand bookstore which got me glued for hours... hehhehehhee.. It was a book that i wanted to buy 10 years ago... it was too expensive then and even now. But i found it in a 2nd hand bookstore for just 12 bucks. Used but still in pretty good condition. I was grinning for a good 5 mins when i found it. It was like meeting a long lost friend. Ok ok.. i think i am seriously losing my marbles. I haveta go out more and see more people and make more real friends... *LOL*

Truthfully speaking.. hehehehe.. the lack of posts lately was because i was lazy. Period.

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Anonymous said...

Good post Anny Boo! We missed you badly. Glad to hear ur bz elsewehere not in cyberland. Enjoy the sun more err...also the rain but try not to get zapped by a thunderbolt since ur house is in thunder alley ;p

Go easy on the coffee, it is not good especially when ur having ur period now. Caffeine will make u feel bloated, trust me i quit my regular diet cokes/pepsis...

Missed ya..


Emila Yusof said...

hahhahaha i'm lazy also!!! i keep on procrastinating works which deadlines are on Monday :P

Anonymous said...

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Anny!!

Here's a good Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe

Summer Switchel

This is a traditional American harvest drink that relies on apple cider vinegar to create a refreshing tang. If you can not stand the taste of plain liquid vinegar, making a batch of this recipe will help it go down in a much more delightful way!


8 cups water

1/4 cup grated fresh ginger or 2 tablespoons of powdered ginger

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with the mother

1/4 cup molasses (preferably blackstrap molasses, which is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals

2 tablespoons of honey

1/2 cup fresh orange juice

How to Make

Step 1:If you are using fresh ginger, make a ginger infusion by simmering the grated ginger in 3 cups of water for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Strain the ginger infusion through some cheesecloth into a pitcher.

Step 3: If using powdered ginger, heat 3 cup of water until steaming hot and pour it into the pitcher.

Step 4: Add molasses and honey to the warm water and stir vigorously until they dissolve.

Step 5: Add the orange juice, powdered ginger (if using), the remaining water and the vinegar.

Step 6: Serve cold.

All the best always!


Mariuca said...

So cute la u guys gearing up for winter, happy Tuesday Anny! :)

Spiffy said...

Aiyyyaaaa Lazy kah Annyboo? Same here la. I only post cos I have assignments to do otherwise I'm just reading all those digital Star Trek books I downloaded. Besides with P1 acting screwy, makes blogging even harder!

Spiffy said...

And you really didn't run away, eloped and got married ah? LOL!

Anny said...

urmm.. u miss me ka? come back la.. we go eat satay :)

yep.. i was bz in the house and not in cyberland :) but thunder is getting more ganas these days.. takuts.

i will try and wean off the coffee like i wean off some other stuffs too.. *LOL* caffeine is bad.. but the nice sweet smell of coffee in the morning is very niceeeeeeeeee.. esp now that we have more rainy days :)

Anny said...

lazy mode to keep up with the rain ya Emi? hehehhehee.. any excuse to lie down and enjoy the rain :) sometimes we produce better work under stress.. hehehhee.. sometimes je

Anny said...

wahhhhhhh.. recipe ye? niceeeeeee... urmm... but i dun quite like the vinegar smell... but Piper and Dommy do like the apple cider in their water... esp the Mr Piper :) he thinks its apple juice.

thanks for the recipe :D

Anny said...

Happy Tuesdays to u too Marzie :) yep.. we are urmm.. gearing up for winter.. :D without the cold.. just the hibernating part :D

Anny said...

urmm.. yep.. a wee bit lazy.. hehehhehee.. and urmm.. lotta work from the office :) urmm.. and its the rain's fault.. and urmm... the book too.
u still with the star treky books ka? blom habis lagi? urmm... pain in the ass makes blogging hard too *lol*

Anny said...

running away, eloping & galloping ++ getting married cud be tempting sometimes.. but.. what about Dom?

baincardin said...

Good morning Anny!^_^

Coffee memang bagus untuk mata! yay! :) Bain pun pagi² kat office mesti kena minum coffee or nescafe. Badan barulaa segarbugar utk kerja! ^_^

Nessa said...

Hi Anny! :)

2 cups of coffee only?? Aiyah, I can drink 5 cups of coffee and still not enough. I think dat's why I go nuts at times!

Takpa la jadi coffee addict, it's pweety harmless compared to being a druggie... hehe

Nessa said...

who eloped and got married??!! why nobody tell me anything?? @-@

Anny said...

Helo Bain.. sorry lambat menjawab :) Coffee memang bagus untuk mata?? hehehheee.. ok ok.. i percaya sama luuuuuuu... urmm ye.. coffee is important for early morning wake up call supaya segarbugar.. hahhahaha

Anny said...

5 cups ka? aiyaaaaaaaaa.. too much laa Ness.. u have to wean off some.. hehehehehee.. too much coffee :) kopi hitam or kopi susu or nescape?

getting addicted to coffee is.. urmm.. harmless but my aunt's hands used to shake if she don't have a coffee a day.. hehehhehe.. she like ketagih with coffee.. both of us used to laugh while she hurry me up to make her one coffee while her hands shake.

Anny said...

who eloped and got married?? saya pon tak tau.. hehehhee.. must be Spiffy laa.. he eloped with Mrs Spiff ^.^ to go paktoh paktoh.. hehhehehe

tat reminds me.. what happened to Rozie? lama jugo dia menghilang.

Spiffy said...

Urmm, you could always send Dommy to me if you eloped ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

Urmmm, Foxie Rozie tu I think really eloped la ... LOL!

Anny said...

Urmm... Dommy don't like men.. he only likes women.. hahhahaha.. you sure you want him ka?
if i elope one day.. i take him along with me la.. hehehe

Anny said...

i seriously think Rozie dah eloped jauh jauhhhhhhhhh.. hahhahaa.. hope she's happy :)