Burung kakakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk tuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hinggap di jendelaaaaaaa
Nenek sudaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh tuaaaaaaa
Giginya tinggal duaaaaaaa

Letrom letrom letrommmmmmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrommmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrom wulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Burung kakak tuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This song suddenly came to my mind just now while i was yapping with a friend on yahoo.. hehehe I am just typing/recording it here just in case i forget it one day.

My memory seems to be failing me more these days. Maybe i need some gingko to give my memory a lil boost. Not too sure if gingko helps anyway.

While i was cooking today, i went to the fridge to fetch something. When i open the fridge door, i stared blankly at the fridge for a good 3 mins and forgot what i came to the fridge for. *LOL* I closed the fridge door and went back to the kitchen. And then..*pring pring*.. i remember it the minute i step back into the fridge... i mean kitchen.

Back to the fridge i went to get my stuff :)

Funny how this rhyme came back to my head. It was a song which we sang when we were in school eons ago. It is in Bahasa Malaysia our national language. I always like the letrom letrom part.. (the chorus)

Here's a direct translation of the song.. (as best i could)
Old parrot
Perching on the window ledge
Grandma is old
Her teeth only left two

Letrom letrom letrommmmmmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrommmmm wulala
Letrom letrom letrom wulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Old parrot laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

hehehehehe.. the English translation is for our friends who do not understand Bahasa Malaysia. Now come and sing along with me. Letrom letrom letrooooooooooooooooooommm wulalaaa

10 woofs:

Anonymous said...

Use lecithin 1200Mg Anny, it helped me alot. Just one capsule after every lunch and dinner.

Our brain matter is made up of lecithin components...so it helps the brain functions.

Missed u girl...


Anny said...

Lecithin bole ko? u sure? mesti kasi tipo samo saya ? :p

only vitamin i can eat is vit C and chewable ponya.. hehehe.. i gag on the rest

Nessa said...

Morning Anny!!

Letrom ohh la laaaaaaaaa...

Wah, lagu dolu2 ni, zaman I still kiut! LOL!

I experienced dat too Anny... go kitchen , dunno wat to do, while in toilet then I remember! we getting old... uwaahhhh, takmo jadi tua and lose memory :*(

Spiffy said...

Welcome to the memory loss club. I'm exactly the same ... LOL!

Anny said...

Morning Ness :)

yaaaaaaa..its ohh la la... now i remember. I was wondering how i got the wulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. kakkakakakakakkaa

lagu dolu dolu is popping up in my head more these days.. think this is a sign of old age :) i remember things from zaman dulu more.. while the short term memory is going down the tubes..kekeke

jadi tua takpo.. but dun lose happy memories suda cukup :)

Anny said...

memory loss club eh? hehehe.. mebbe we should start one soon before we forget :D

Emila Yusof said...

Letrom letrom letrooooooooooooooooooommm wulalaaa

i can relate to the situation anny, sometimes i forgot where my glasses were when they were exactly on top of my head.

Nessa said...

LOL @Emila!

I oso same... dah la marah2 looking for my glasses, skali they're on my kepala! :D

Anny said...

wahhhhhhh.. atas kepala you and you looking for it? hehehheee.. it happens to my dad too Emi.. :)

for me.. i just sometimes forget i wear specs.. i sleep with my specs on.. so bila berdreaming.. can see clearer.. hehehehhehe

Anny said...

alamak.. u too Ness? u and Emi sama dengan bapak saya.. kakakkakakaa