Comfort food. A familiar scent. Simple easy inexpensive food which are usually comforting to one. A reminder of a happy childhood perhaps.

The most comforting food are usually cooked by a loved one. Usually a mom or grandma. Well.. sometimes daddy or grandpa.

When i was staying on my own in KL, the one thing that i missed most is my mom's cooking and of course her beautiful self. Each time i come home, she'll cook many things for me. Even an egg that she fried would be like heaven in my mouth.

I live for simple food. There are hundreds of things that my mom has cooked that still live in my memory because they are my comfort food. The scent.. the taste... the yumminess.. i can remember them like i've just eaten them yesterday.

Basically, i am not a very good cook myself. I meet more disasters than successes while cooking. Poor dad and Boy are my guinea pigs now. Dommy is not complaining much.

It used to be my younger sister when i was in KL. I'll come up with funny stuffs for her to eat for dinner. Sometimes it could be just 2 slices of bread with some tuna in them.. with a touch of grilling in the oven (i miss my oven).

My colleagues were my other guinea pigs. I would make muffins that are as hard as rocks.. but they will still eat them.. and try not to choke. *LOL* Sometimes when i get lucky, they will get to taste a better cake... but i hardly get lucky when it comes to cooking because i never follow instructions.

Never a stickler for regularities.. i don't know why i keep buying recipe books and never do follow one properly. I will choose the shortest recipe... with the least ingredients. Don't even try to tell me about making rendang tok. When i saw the list of ingredients, i just ran the other way.

When you don't really know how to cook very well like me, you must at least know how to make a good soup. Chinese basically drink lotta soups. Soups are good. Comforting on a rainy day and good on the tummy too if you are not feeling too well.

Since i work from home and am just a few steps from the kitchen, i usually boil my soups at 3pm in time for dinner. The soups takes about 3 hours to boil in slow fire. And i double-steam my soups like some gungho cook *LOL*

Double steaming soups the old way like how my mom used to do. Double steaming is good if you are at home to keep at eye on the stove. Double steaming seals in the liquids and the essence of the soup. Nothing gets lost and the soup is super delicious :) It is called "dan tong" (in Cantonese) meaning steam soup.

I'll share some nice soupy soup recipes with you if you like.. soon. But the recipes will not have exact measurements. *LOL* Look out for it ya :)

Maybe.. just maybe i should try cooking the rendang tok one of these days. How wrong can i go right? But my aunt says it took her four hours to cook it the last time. And she was at the stove stirring it all the time. She did mention it was tiring. *LOL*

I think i'll just stick with simple comfort food. Below is the double steaming soup. Its called The Old Cucumber Soup.

pekaboo pot.. i see you ^.^

the old one

Thanks for following my long windy story today. Boy is going to bed. Time for me to sleep too. Goodnite.

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Spiff said...

My comfort food very simple one, just give me one of those 10 pack mamme mee and I'll be comforted ... LOL!

Spiff said...

When it comes to cooking, there's always Mrs. Spiff, she makes the simplest food seem like gormet cooking :D And if all else fails, there's always the friendly neighbourhood Indian shop to tapau ... LOL!

Unknown said...

mamee is my favourite too.. hahhahaa.. now my gigi not cooperating much.. i got to skip them mamee :)

Unknown said...

lucky u.. there's Mrs Spiff... a good cook will make the simplest food seem like gourmet..

urmm.. bila u nak invite us all to your rumah for a home cook meal? sama like bilerrrr u nak hantar si Pebbles over :D

Nessa said...

Morning Anny!

Moms are simply the best cooks :D

Wah, never tried double boiling before...

share2 la your soupy recipes... and don forget to create a food blog too! ;)

Unknown said...

Mom are always the best cooks :D memang betui :)

double boiling soup manyak sedop.. hehehe.. urmm.. i can only do it now.. cos i m at home.

soup recipe's coming up soon.. food blog gotta wait till next year.. now i m bracing for christmas dah.. on slow mo mode and just in mood for celebration!