When you get idle, time just take advantage and press on the fast forward button :)

We had a loooong weekend last week... and i got idle. I kinda conveniently forgot i have a blog again and just decided to let my computer have a looong weekend too to let it rest. Sorta like giving thanks to the mighty computer :) The amount of hours this poor computer has to put in... it would probably sue me for overworking it if it could.

Hmm.. so what kinda happened last weekend. It was all a blurr *LOL* And no.. i didn't get drunk.

Friday was a sleep-in. Saturday came and a shorter sleep-in and sis & family was home to see dad who was under the weather. With the constant rainfall and the mighty cool nites, dad finally got sick last week. And when he gets sick, he is a wee bit crabby.

But i blamed it on the butter cookies, a whole bag of "heong peah" and the other crunchy stuffs he was munching when he is watching tv. And the time he stood in the garden trimming the plants when it was drizzling a little. The rain ++ the munchies.. and he ended up with a very sore throat and a mighty cold.

The antibiotics from the doctor didn't work and so my aunts came by and came up with their own home remedies. The onion, the cooling drinks and the reminders (for me) to boil this and that.

I quietly took the can of butter cookies, taped it down and hide it in the backroom *LOL* Just in case my dad go munching on too many cookies and got sick again when he is getting better now.

Sis came home and bought a whole lotta stuffs for him. Hazeline snow for the sore nose.. vicks.. some packets of chinese meds for the cough (and reminders for me to boil)... and two big bags of cookies. *LOL* Does she not know that the cookies were one of the culprits in the first place. I wanted to bang her head. Urmm.. but it was really nice of her. Ok ok.. i take back the bang her head.

Dad is on the road to recovery already. Don't even ask me what single thing cured him.. cos he took too many things. Even a mug of beer at the wedding dinner he attended yesterday because his brothers and sisters who were with him yesterday told him that his body is heaty.

The cures range from many coconut drinks he had, onions, antibiotics, lemon drinks, salt for gargling.. urmm.. chinese herbs... honey... and a host of a lot of other stuffs. But i think it was probably the kids that cured him.

When the kids comes home, especially Rachel, dad is extra happy. He just grins when he heard them arriving. Poor sis and family had to be stuck in really bad traffic going back to KL yesterday. It took them about 5 hours + to reach their destination. Usually it will only take 2 hours. I did tell them to leave early but sis being the optimistic person refuses to believe me that there would be much traffic.. hahahahahahhahaa Good thing the hubby was driving.

I bet he'll be grinning more when Jai comes home. He probably won't be able to sleep for days counting down to Jai's arrival.

Oh ya.. i did go to the dinner which i was trying to get out from with excuses. The food was great.. just a tad salty. The bride was beautiful. The groom was grinning. I sat with a lot of aunts and uncles which were my neighbours. I had my own aunt beside me. It wasn't so bad after all. I do not know the groom personally as he was way much younger than me when we were little. But it was a great wedding dinner.

Sitting with my aunt and taking care of her kinda reminds me of my own mum. I kinda missed mom suddenly and the mother daughter chats. When i sat with mom during wedding dinners, we will usually whisper and she'll point out who's the people around us. These neighbours kinda watched me grow up... but i've been away from home for so long... it is always just a friendly nod and a smile when i see them now. My mom knows them all. She would have enjoyed this dinner.

The weather's real bad nowadays. The flu is making a U-turn and coming back to strike. So brace yourselves. Wash your hands before you eat or touch your face. Don't get wet in the rain and drink lotta water. You sure don't want to be sick for Christmas.

Back to work for now. Lotta pies for me to do. Oh bummer. Have a great Monday ahead :) Someone is going I HATE MONDAY on their status line... hahahhahahaa

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Unknown said...

Wah Incik RnR yang pertama?

Syiok nya : )

Unknown said...

Anny, bila bercuti memang seronok aja berehat. Rizal pun tak online masa tiga hari cuti. Seronok berehat jer sampai lupa akan cinta kepada blog. Hoho.

Yer minggu dulu hujan tiap2 hari. Lepas tuu panas terik dan bahang. Rizal pun mula nak sakit tekat nasib baik cepat makan ubat. : )

Bagus la ayah dah baik.

Wah, memang betul tu, macam2 "remedies"nya sampai tak tahu yang mana satu : )

Unknown said...

Owh, terima kasih kepada spiff, Incik RnR ada satu tag BM baru yang muuuuuudddaaaaahhhh untuk Anny.

Selamat mem"BM"kan diri. aha : )

Unknown said...

Rizal jugo tak online? hehhee.. best jugak kasi rehat and away from the computer for a few days :D

sakit tekak ko? cepot minum tu madu lemon.. sedop!

macam macam remedies.. sampai kepala saya pon berpusing-pusing.. and my dad's tummy pon berputar-putar cam washing machine :D

Unknown said...

yep.. incik Rizal memang terchop :) hadiah *tepukan tangan saja*.. hahhahahahhahaa

Unknown said...

tag BM baru mana ada mudah punyaaaaaaaa.. mesti tipo sama kita.. kita semua dijadikan Tipah.

abis... nanti bila santa claus datang.. baru saya buat tag mudah incik rizal :D

Spiff said...

I think I could use a break away from blogging too ...

Glad your dad is getting better already :D

And I absolute, positively, most definitely, 100%, guaranteed, really, really, really HATE Monday!

Unknown said...

yep... sometimes its good to take a break too Spiff :)

thanks.. dad is getting better already.. he even had rojak just now.

Bad day for u? so sorry.. hope tomorrow will be better.. and and christmas is just round the corner.. cheer up ya!

Nessa said...

That was long entry but I enjoyed reading it :D

Glad your dad has recovered! Plenty of love and attention help a lot :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Ness for the kind thots. Ya.. he did have lotta lotta concern from everyone.

Flu does get mighty nasty on old folks... it takes twice as long to get well.

Maybe i should go try the last remedy in my books tomorrow.