Murphy came by yesterday when i am probably at one of my busiest week. *LOL* I woke up to find that my internet signal is gone. Goneeeeeeeeeeeee... A bright red light was there instead of a yellow. Oh bummer.

The most decent thing to do next is.. change back to my pajamas, close the curtains and crawl back under the sheets and sleep. Hmm.. that thought kinda crossed my wicked mind.

The modem was left on the night before. Boy forgot to switch it off. Since we are on thunder alley, and thunder seems to be visiting us quite often this week, i always pull out the phone line from the modem before i call it a night. So i was wondering if the thunder finally got to this modem as well. It was raining quite hard in the early morning.

I unplug this modem and change to the backup modem and still no signal. So its probably the service provider. So i called the support line. "Please hold... all our service representatives are busy right now"... "Please hold... all our service representatives are busy right now..." "Please holddddddddddddddddddddd..."

Rainy days really get them very busy because a lot of modems do get blasted. Usually after a heavy rainy day, i'll see a lot of the TM vans whizzing past my house. One of the support centers is about 5 mins away from my house... if i drive very fast.

After making a report and speaking to a very nice TM guy who was very helpful and even ask me to ping this and ping that... i waited for support. He said, we'll get back to you in two working days. I was screaming TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORKING DAYS in my head.

Then i informed my office that my internet is down. *LOL* One of the girls was going... does it have to be down todayyyyyyyyyy??? can't it be down tomorrow. We need you to be UP today. Then she prayed. *lol* She was telling me she can't breathe.

I do backend support for my people in Singapore and this week we have a lot of stuffs going up and down in email and a whole lot of uploading and downloading. After today, i think i can kinda shake my legs a bit while my colleagues go off next week for the important stuffs.

The internet finally went back up at 3 pm. *phew* That was a huge relief. I was sitting glued to my chair the whole morning.. just in case it came back on. Seems like some thing went off on the main switch board near my area.

I do think that our work rely too much on the internet nowadays which has its ups and downs. Maybe i should probably look for backups. But P1 is crummy here and the others are no better.

These 2 weeks is quite stressful without me realising it till i see my hands crack in some areas. Stress-related eczema. It happens to me sometimes. I think i only cooked for one day this week. The cracks were kinda painful when it comes into contact with soap from cleaning agents. I shouldn't really have stress nowadays since i have Dom by my side. Maybe i should spend more time with the Curly.

Glad its Friday now. TGIF :) I'm gonna go off earlier today and just take dad and Boy for a good dinner. No cooking today!

Murphy doesn't really make appointments when he visits. He just comes.

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." Murphy's Law.

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Nessa said...

Ohhhh... Murphy's Law... ingatkan Eddie Murphy tadi! :D

Glad's everything a-OK. I was kinda worried why things are s l o w lately... hehe

Try lotions, aloe vera based on your hands or use gloves when cooking. Or hire a maid or those catering service or something.

Spiffy said...

Ah Murphy, Murhpy, Murphy ... I know him so well ... in fact I think we went to school together cos if anything can go wrong for me, it always does ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

Ok what TM customer support, at least they keep you holding on the line and not give you stupid excuses to face your modem at the moon or something ... LOL!

Anny said...

Eddie Murphy polak? hahahhaha

no internet is urmm.. an emergency for us this week.. hehehehe esp this week.. any other day would be just fine cos i would probably just go back to sleep.. hehe

lotions dun help when they break out.. aloe does.. i got in the garden :) but its probably stress and coffee related :D

hire a maid? takla kaya sangat.. hahhahahaa.. i'm just cooking for 3 ppl.. and dad dun like to eat catering food

i do have dear Aini to come and help me clean the house on tuesdays.

Anny said...

yea.. Murphy, Murhpy, Murphy.. he always visits when we really don't want him to... urmm.. can u get your ray gun and go blast him to Timbaktu

Anny said...

urmm.. so far.. TM support has been cordial and quite nice actually. Quite helpful too.

face the modem to the moon? hehehehe.. or reboot the modem IS the urmm.. first things u do when you are faced with an uncooperative signal.. when all else fails.. urmm.. send the modem to the sea together with the provider :D

Spiffy said...

Say, now that's a great idea sending the modem and provider to the sea ... LOL! I'm really tempted to do that la ...

Anny said...

P1 still sucks at your side ka? hahhahaa.. tukar balik to the old provider la.. dump the P1 :p