Today is Piper's Moomie's birthday. PP is back to being the only furkid in the house as Kuning has gone back home. No more tantrums from PP and he's back to his old self again.. happy and running about with a smile. He wasn't very happy when Kuning was around as the love for him was divided. Doggies can count too.

Here's Kuning bidding everyone farewell. She'll be back soon :)

Kuning drove herself home ^.^
(she's just test driving PP's car)

In my days of daze... i forgot to post about PP's birthday. Piper is officially 5 years old since last Friday. His birthday falls on the 20th November. (that would be 5x7=35 wow! an adult in human years)

I am sorry lil one. I didn't forget. I just forgot to post about you. Five years and this lil shitzu is running our lives. *lol*

My first three years with him was joyful. He takes care of me when i am sick and vice versa. He comes and sleep by my side. I remember him coming in and checking on me off and on. He was like a lil nurse. He wakes me up like an alarm clock every Sunday like clockwork. It is unconditional love... it is.

Shitzu's are pretty loving creatures. They just love tummy rubs and just love to sleep near you. They love the human contact. They love to be pampered. And they don't like to share their love... especially not with other doggies.

Doggies are mighty forgiving i am sure. I'll bring you a big greenie when i see you soon PP. Happy Birthday to you my lil sis and a beeeeeeelated one to you PP.

where's my cake

4 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Well, happy birthday you lil fella :D five years oredi ...

Well, it took Pebbles about 3 months to start running our lives over here ... LOL!

And it's your sis birthday also? Well, happy birthday to her too then :D

Unknown said...

sian i lupa sama si Piper's birthday... i should be ashamed.

Piper kinda ran our lives the minute we welcome him home.. hahhahaha

thanks for the wishes :)

Unknown said...

Selamat Ulang Tahun ke 5 ya.

Dan untuk PP, Selamat lompat2 lari2 gembira sebab Kuning dah balik.

Hehe, syiok tuu Kuning dah tak da ya : )

Unknown said...

timokasih dari En Piper kepada En Rizal :D

yele.. tu si Piper memang gumbiro sangat sampoi lari lari & gelak panjang krana si Kuning dah balik... hahhahahaa