HooooooooOOOOOOOOOOllllaaa :) Sorry for my non-existence lately.
  1. I had a lapse of memory and forgot i have a blog... or two.
  2. I got lazy and became a tv addict.
  3. A lot of people came by.
  4. My sisters and kids were back.
  5. Boy is having is big mother of an exam soon.
  6. I am trying to cook more and coming up with less disasters.
  7. I lost my train of thoughts.
  8. I was reading some mighty juicy stories.
  9. Last minute & super urgent stuffs keep appearing for work.
  10. I might be turning into a dog.
  11. Rolling on the floor with Dommy seems nicer than blogging on an average day.
  12. I am doing some research on...
  13. Christmas is coming and i have not done any christmas shopping yet.
  14. I am trying to come up with valid reasons not to attend a dinner with a whole room of total strangers.
  15. I am becoming more dog. *woof*
Urmm... 15Excuses... kinda like Pete's 15Malaysia?

I did try a few postings last week... and got cut short when things keep breaking my rhythm. When i got back to the post... i forgot what i wanted to write. hehhehee. With my short-term memory fading fast... one day.. i might just forget my own name.

Ahh... Boy's SPM exam is going to start come Wednesday. Not a peep from him. He's right behind me studying very hard. Usually i try to stay up as late as i could to keep him company. But sometimes my eyelids just close. His mommy and daddy came back to see him last weekend and bought him all the essentials for his exams and lotta snacks for the late nights. Bola came back too to jam with him on the guitars :D Both of them do have a lot to talk about. They usually chatter the night away. Family are always stress relievers and they always give you moral support when you need them most. Boy was very happy.

Jai has reached his destination and most probably in his grandma's arms right now. Surrounded by lotta people who's probably pinching his cheeks and the lil one going ouch ouch ouch. *LOL* It is probably a nice change for him to see so many new faces. And its warm where he is now. He'll only be back to Malaysia end of January. Bet he'll have a great holiday with his grandma :)

We watch a ghost movie yesterday. It was a funny Singaporean movie with some moral values in it. It was real funny and had the whole lot of us cramped in the hall laughing away. Dad have watched it earlier when he bought it few days back but he was the one who laughed the loudest. I think our neighbours were cursing us for creating such a racket so late at night. Our movie ended almost close to 1am.. urmm.. it didn't end actually.. the dvd was jammed when it was almost to the end :)

Come Christmas... i hope to find some time to catch up with some friends. Whom i've totally abandon for while. But these are very good ole friends. We always still do pick up from where we left off even though i have not seen them for a while :) We will continue our mindless chatter and talk about some poo and crap and still laugh about the silliest things. In life, you just need a few good friends and family + a dog or two or maybe three.

I've been spending my time reading a lot lately. From labels on bottles to magazines to countless 2nd hand books which i acquired to food packets to google to urmm.. many other things. And yesterday... i dreamt of my mom.

She came and threw all my books to the open field. My favourite book too.. and it was raining (raining season here in Malaysia).. my books were getting soaked... then i cried. I cried and cried non-stop. When i went to the field to get my books... there was this lady who was taking my soaked books into her bag. I was telling her.. its my books.. why are you taking them. But she just took them away. Such a weird dream.

My mother.. when she was alive.. have never ever threw my books. Not even on the floor. She would never do such a thing. She is a gentle soul. I was wondering what mom was trying to tell me. Maybe she's trying to tell me to look at the world more and not spend most of my time reading something.. hehehhehee :) But i am glad she came by. Its been a while since she last came to visit me.

Maybe i should stop reading and start blogging again :)

footnote: it took me about 2 hrs to finish this post.. *LOL* cos my rhythm was broken and i was here and there and everywhere but not in front of the computer :p

12 woofs:

baincardin said...

chop! bain dapat terrchop ke ni ? ^_^

baincardin said...

Morning Anny! ^_^

Aziha said...

hi Anny..

Bain u "chopping" everywhere...here oso hah!!.. :)

ok la..u still got time to read..i bought this Cecelia Ahern, Thanks for the memories..when i was 8 months preggy..now still not finish...

Hasya da one yr old pn..may be x abis2 lagi :)

Anny said...

ya ya.. Bain terchop chopping jugo :D

Anny said...

sramot pagi Encik Bain :)

Anny said...

halllllllooo Jia :) Apo khabor si new mummy?

Ya ya.. Bain berchopping everywhere.. hahhahaaa..

me still got time to read.. but new mommies memang takde masa reading.. i think till Hasya pergi kindergarten baru Jia ada masa baca le... hehehe

Spiffy said...

That is a long post, becoming long winded like that Nick fella aren't you ... LOL!

But then even I get lazy to blog nowadays.

Point No.14 - Tell them you turned into a dog la ... hehehe!

Nessa said...

I can finish a book in 2 days if it's reali x 1,000000 good. If not, then it'll be on the shelf gathering dust! :)

Nessa said...

Kinda sad your dream... but don analyze dreams too much. They are what people say 'mainan tidur' :)

I think you just miss your mom... i dream of my mom whenever i miss her. Now, i dream of my dad cos i keep thinking of him.

Anny said...

hahhahahaa... after a long absence... a long windy post is an absolute! *LOL* And the thing with the age thing.. i get more long winded as days go by.. abis!

Point No.14 - i did try to tell them i am a dog..but old folks don't believe me ^.^

Anny said...

2 days? that's mighty fast Ness.. i'll take forever and a day to finish a book.. hehehhee.. cos my attention span is like a child.

Anny said...

November is my mom's birthday month.. so i guess she would have come back home :)

its nice to dream of mom sometimes... its remembering her in a way.

i dun really analyze my dreams cos i don't dream most of the time when i sleep... tired. Tutup mata buka mata suda morning.. hehehe My mom is a gentle person.. she would never throw my books.. :)

Hope your dad is getting better :) biler balik sana for Christmas?