This is a common sight when its 3.30pm here. Dad will have his tea break and there's the faithful Curly. Usually he'll get some share of whatever dad's eating at that hour.

Dommy's favourite sounds of the hour are... plastic bags... or ziplock bags... or opening of the food cover.. or.. the dragging of the dining hall chairs. He will know that someone's eating or munching something and he wants a share too.

Even when he's fast asleep... the slightest sound of plastic bags would awake him *LOL* Such a hungry creature.

Everyone's been commenting that he's a bit heavy too. Time for a diet. He cannot afford to get too fat... his legs will not be able to support his body weight. But he looks healthier now... don't you think?

Maybe i should take him to the vet and let him have his say :)

8 woofs:

Anonymous said...

He does look healthier from the rump anyways...and his bark is worse than his bite! LOL


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Lovely PHOTO ... I'm on a diet too. Can't tell if you need it ... you look great from the back. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Unknown said...

His bark is sure worse than his bite... hahahahaa.. but dun test him :)

Unknown said...

Ur on a diet too? oh boy.. and we both love food.. :)

thanks for dropping by Sugar!

lotta woofs!

Spiffy said...

LOL! Pebbles pun sama la. Even when I start the microwave she will come running and sit there and stare at me with those puppy dog eyes! And I won't even talk about the sounds of plastic bags being opened ... LOL!

Unknown said...

hahhahaa.. i think most doggies love food.. and they have those sad puppy dog eyes.. how la to resist.. abis now he's overweight.

Pebbles overweight jugo? abiss abiss

Unknown said...

Come on curly,

Let s together-gether go on a diet too. LoL.


Macam blakie, kalau beli makanan selalu kena beli lebih, kalau tak nanti masa makan kena PAU dengan blackie. Haha

Unknown said...

Curly memang suda start diet.. makanannya suda dikurangkan.. siannya selalu lapar.. hehhehee

nanti Rizal postlaaa gambar Blackie kat RnR ye :)