Do you know how to string a guitar? It can be quite a bloody experience... *LOL*

My nephew plays the guitar. He has been playing the guitar on and off for maybe 3 years or more. When he started playing the guitar, we all would laugh quite often cos this boy always sings off key. He doesn't really hear himself sing even though he sings quite loud.

I would sometimes tell him... wrong key wrong key... aiyaaa.. but he would not mind.. and still keep on jang jang jang away. To be a good guitarist, you must hum or sing when you play along. Enjoy the process of guitar playing.

A lot of people don't really make it as good guitarist. They never play a full song. They will become like some campfire guitarists.. *LOL* Campfire guitarist strums a bit of song.. snatches of song... and go.. i think it goes like this.. jang jang jang.. and then.. urmm.. no no.. i think it should go like this.. jang jang jang jang... and no full song gets played.

Boy and his cousins attempted to play some Christmas carols last Christmas. All three of them are of the same age and grew up together. They were like campfire guitarists. *LOL* In the end we ended up singing Christmas carols without the music from the guitars.

When these three fellas get together to play + sing... we all haveta seal our ears. They sound urmm... atrocious together. *LOL* But like any teenager, they are quite proud of their singing and sometimes record it on their mobiles for playbacks. These are good laughs for them.

Last few days.. one of the strings on his acoustic guitar snapped. Usually he goes to the shop and the man will string it for him. Me and my big mouth told him that he should learn how to string his own guitar. All guitarists string their own guitars.

So we went to the shops and got the strings. We came home and he struggled to string it cos he is a left-hander. I saw blood on his fingers.. cuts from the steel strings.. hahahahhahaa Then i went.. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... becareful laaa. Then i helped him.. and ended up with cuts on my fingers as well. Just stringing one string on a guitar got both our fingers bloodied and stinging. We are both clueless noobs.

But hey... he now knows how to string his own guitar :) And his singing and guitar playing has improved tremendously over a year all thanks to YouTube. Hopefully we'll be able to get full guitar strummings to accompany our christmas carol singing this year.

Oh... Bola just picked up the guitar few months back. He's a natural. He however never sings out of key *LOL*

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Spiffy said...

At least he can strum and play the guitar. If I tried playing and singing, they'd lock me up in jail for disturbing the peace ... LOL!

Duni said...

I think we are drawn to the instrument we identify with most. For me it was always the piano :)

have a great day!


Unknown said...

He actually plays quite well now :) he even sings much better than his brother the last time we went karaoke :D

guess u and people like me are destined to be just loo singers.. kakakakakakakaa

Unknown said...

Hi Duni.. you play the piano? thats great... i love the piano too...but i don't play that well.

u take care now and hope u get a all clear tomorrow.

Nessa said...

I tried to play the guitar once (loooong ago), it was hopeless! I'd stick to singing anytime... only in the shower though :)

I love the sound of the piano...

Unknown said...

i guess i am a campfire itunes.

I hummmm hummmmm lala la la, to songs on itunes, oblivious to my surroundings. LoL

Unknown said...

Campfire guitarists = mat mat gitar di asrama atau rumah sewa ipt. LoL.

Memang setuju habis-habisan.

My roomamte used to do that, the aaaaaaa... aaaaaaa... aaaaaaa konon2 nak serasi kan suara bagi masyuk ngan petikan gitar. lol

Unknown said...

wahhhh sampai berdarah-darah tuuu..

Ouch, rasa ngilu pulak jari ni bila dengar.


Unknown said...

campfire itunes pulak.. hahhahaa.. tats a first for me :)

most of the time i hum too.. i can remember rhythm quite well.. but never the words for songs ^.^

Unknown said...

A lot of people do want to be great guitarists.. after watching all the rockers.. even i do.. :D dream a lil dream pon bole laa..

the aaaaaaaaaa.. aaaaaaaa... cam gajah kena sepit ya? hahhahahhaa

Unknown said...

just pricks... bukan cam berdarah sampai nak gi clinic.. hahhahaha.. just small pricks.. on fingers.. berlobang lobang.. and bila cuci tangan.. sting pulak.

tapi.. now we both know how to string a guitar properly dah.. just tak tau sangat to tune it..

Unknown said...

I did try to play the guitar too once Ness... but something else came up.. and i had to stop the lessons.

Maybe i pick it up again one day soon :) i'll just be one of the campfire guitarists jugak.

urmm.. almost everyone sings in the loo.. kalu happy kan?

i love the piano too.