kera sumbang ~ Orang yang takut atau tidak gemar mencampuri orang ramai... basically it means a recluse. A person who withdraws from the world to live in seclusion and often in solitude.

When we had Piper... few years back, it was just Piper. We loved him.. we pamper him and its just him. He's the king and everybody loves him because he fluffy and darn cute... :D

He can sometimes pass off as a statue cos this lil doggie don't move much.. except for tummy rubs. But he can run very fast. When he runs, his feet don't actually touch the ground. Trust me.. i have chased after this tiny fella. He's handsome and flamboyant.. especially after he puts on his red collar with the bell.

But he doesn't really mix with other dogs. Maybe we never exposed him much to other dogs when he was little.

Now that Brandy is having her holiday in his home, he doesn't even want to come out of the house for his walks, peepee & poopoo. I think he is almost petrified of Brandy and her size. *LOL*

Brandy kinda runs fast when she's happy (urmm.. she's always happy) and she's big. For a tiny dog like Piper.. Brandy would seem like a big hurricane coming towards him if he sees her running towards him.. hehhehehe

Piper is more of a house dog. He don't like to walk on the grass. He doesn't like to get his feet dirty.. hehehehhehe He only likes to walk on the road. Never on the grassy patches. Not like Brandy or Dommy.

When Brandy goes for walks, patches of grass no matter how small the patch is, its like a big draw to her. She loves the grass just like Dommy. But not Piper.

Both sis and i usually refer to Piper as kera sumbang. Cos he doesn't like to mix. Dommy however craves for other doggie friends.

Weird. All three doggies have such vast difference in characters. Maybe they are all different breeds and they woof in different languages.. Hmmm... mebbe thats the reason why ^.^

Oh ya.. Sis emailed me a picture of her kera sumbang just now.. hehhehehee..

We still love him most. He is our first furkid after a very long time. With a face like that.. we can't help loving him more. He is my dad's favourite too.

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Spiffy said...

I don't know about Pebbles cos we never let her mix with other dogs cos she'll bark at them ... LOL!

But yeah, these breeds are mostly house dogs and want to be manja all the time ...

Unknown said...

Piper too.. he barks at other dogs.. and stomps his lil feet.. *LOL* like he's a fighter.. hehe.. he forgets he's a small fella :D

manja allllllllll the time.. very spot on :)

emilayusof said...

woof woof ehehee huhu woof *tongue out*

i was talking to piper...

Anonymous said...

Me just a Kera Sumbing (deformed monkey)


Unknown said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh.. Emi pulak talking to Piper.. hehhehehe.. i go send your regards to him :)

Unknown said...

kera sumbing? is there such a thing? *LOL*

Unknown said...


musti manja like my cat blackie.

Ni musti keturunan Lord-lord British, jaga penampilan kena laa walk-walk kat batu yang bersih. Takkan walk2 kat rumput .


Hail Lord Piper yang cute miut small. :)

Unknown said...

LoL at Kak Emila :)

baincardin said...

sian Piper dah dipanggil kera sumbang. kalo dia tetiba jadik kera tu camner Anny? heheee...^_^'

Nessa said...

Gooood morning Anny!

Busy ka? ;)

Piper sounds like a proper dog... I mean well mannered and mild, good natured. I think dogs tend to like their own group/breed. Kuning is like a monster to him even though he's a frenly doggy.

But kesian la Piper takmo peepee and poopoo when Brandy's around. Kasi pakai dia diaper la... hehe

Unknown said...

halo Rizal :) thanks for dropping by

memang manja si Piper ni.. hehehe.. cam kucing sometimes.

keturunannya memang unik.. lord lord British pulak? mungkin kot.. but i read somewhere that shitzus are from the imperial courts of china.. dolu dolu.. i think.. that's why they arrogant sikit.

Lord Piper? hahhahaa.. jangan jangan.. nanti he really thinks he's Lord.. abislaa kita.

Unknown said...

Alamak!.. mana bole tiba tiba jadik kera pulak.. hahhahaha.. kelakor giler si Bain ni

Unknown said...

Morning Ness :D alamak.. dah many mornings ago.. sorry sorry.. :)

bz a bit :D and the usual..

he is like a proper gentleman.. hahhahaa.. but notty and manja and arrogant sikit le.. he knows he's handsome.. urrmm.. do u think Spiffy will lend me Pebbles ka?

diaper ka? then he'll be pissed! abislaaa kita..