The Young Ones ~ Cliff Richard

Papa is listening to this right now. He's singing... humming.. whistling. Today must be a happy day for him :)

He spends many hours on the computer on YouTube & Spider Solitaire almost everyday. I think he loves YouTube more than his other games on his Gameboy that the kids left with him.

Maybe i should consider getting him his own netbook so he'll always have YouTube and Spider Solitaire on hand and never be bored wherever he goes.

I leave songs that my papa listens to here so that my sisters will know what he's up to. Most of these songs are from our childhood. I was not a fan of Cliff Richard. But eldest sister was. I remember her going awoo awooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over him *LOL* If she sees this post... she'll have my skin. hahhahahahaa

Oraits. Enjoy this song :)

5 woofs:

Spiff said...

I love Cliff Richard (not in that kind of way, ok ... LOL!)

I grew up listening to his songs and can sing every one of his songs by heart. Now if only I could remember my lessons like that ... hahaha!

Nessa said...

I remember singing to one particular Cliff Richard's song... i would sing my lungs out...

...ohhhh Sherryyyyy!!

i found out many years later it's Ocean Deep and not Oh Sherry! LOL!

he is hensem but has muka Botox :(

Unknown said...

which kind of way? *LOL*

i listen to cliff richard when i was a kiddo cos big sis was always singing it.. she's still listening to him now in the car :D mebbe u and my sis sama era.. kekekekeke

Unknown said...

Oh Sherryyyyyy? hehehhe i remember there was a oh Sherry song..

Ocean Deep is one of my favourite songs.. lovey dovey punya number..

singers mestila kena botox.. or else suda berkedut kedut.. sapa laa nak datang dengar concert kan.. hehe

Nessa said...

scary la muka Botox... Barry Manilow oso got muka Botox...