Turmeric and i go a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way. Lately, i've been using a wee bit of turmeric in some of the things that i cook. Turmeric is actually quite good for us. Its quite a common spice in Asian cooking.

My favourite is marinating chicken with turmeric and salt. After a while, just fry it and add a dash of light soya sauce. A simple dish which has a very aromatic smell to it. I love its simplicity and the aroma that turmeric adds to the chicken.

Mom used to make it too. Her chicken are cut in small pieces. Dainty dishes. My stuffs are cut never daintly.. hahahhahaha.. I am always in a rush for time. Sis will always complain about the size of the carrots and potatoes in my dishes *LOL* She will complain that i am trying to choke them all.

I remember my yoga master telling me that he bathes with turmeric. I didn't really have a chance to ask him properly on the benefits. Circumstances that surround the very life of mine... and i had to stop classes and go home. He's still the best yoga teacher i had. I haven't found one quite like him here. He has charisma.

Stormy gave me a recipe last week which i didn't follow properly as usual. Its quite hard for a cook to teach me as i don't follow instructions properly. *LOL* It was just another simple dish. But as usual, i did it my way.. and it tasted yucky.. hahahhahahaa.. It was also because i didn't have a certain dark sweet sauce.

Last weekend i got a big huge bottle of the dark sauce as i couldn't find the smaller bottle on the shelves. This time i was a little bit smarter and cook in smaller portions :)

And because of the dark sauce... it was a helluva of a success. Stormy was blinking proud of me and the master chef could only salivate over the pics *LOL*

nice or not? it was a bit sweet... but the sauce made it really nice. Now this sauce is kinda like my besty sauce.. hahhahahahhaa

Oh ya.. i marinated the chicken with turmeric too.. hehehhe.. and a tad of chili powder and salt. The end good results went to the "secret sauce".

Guess what is the secret sauce... :)

I kinda stumbled upon this 20 Health Benefits of Tumeric a while ago. Go check it out if you wanna find out more about turmeric.

10 woofs:

Nessa said...

yum yummy yum!

faster la create food blog.. i wanna make this too! :D

aiyah, you like kfc la, got secret sauce some more...

Unknown said...

hahahhaa.. me saved by the secret sauce jugooooooooooooo

food blog.. tangguh sekejap... cos i m counting down to Christmas dah.. kakkakakaaa...

guess what's the sauce laa.. u'll probably have it in your kitchen jugoooooooo..

Spiffy said...

Adui, looks yummy. Posraju la some over here ... hehehe ...

hahaha@Nessa, KFC pulak, but you have a point with the secret sauce thingy ... LOL!

Mariuca said...

Oh mmg yum yum! U come cook for me can or not? :)

Unknown said...

posraju ko? hahhahaa.. mano bole.. nanti postman makan abis semoa

i think Nessa is craving for KFC :D betu tak Ness...

Unknown said...

can can.. anytime Marzie :D but.. i usually stumble on more disasters than success in my cooking... hehehhehee

Unknown said...

wah nampak sedap tu

Rizal tak pernah la pulak menggoreng guna dark soya sauce - ehhh dark soya sauce tuu kira kicap la kan?

Kalau kicap memang pernah la. hehehe.

Dari gambar, rizal bagi 10/10.

Kalau rasa, anny kena hantar satu ke sini dulu, pos baru dapat markah 10.


selamat hari isnin : )

Unknown said...

ayam goreng kunyit biasa je En Rizal... tapi dengan sos tu.. sedop giler.. hahahahhaa..

nanti saya kasi pos raju kepada engkao... :D

have a great Monday too!

Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to have such an innovative deciple...u did a great job grasshopper...a great job indeed!


Unknown said...

can i hop now oh master? hehehhehehe.. thanks for the guidance. The self-made disasters were expected :D