Are these dandelions? I used to call them fairy flowers when i was a kid. They come in purple and white. They are like a kind of weed :) Lately i found them in one of the pots. I've been going to that pot almost everyday and blowing them.. *LOL* Looking at them was like a blast to the past.

We do a lot of fake cooking (masak-masak) with our plastic cooking utensils in the garden when we were kids. My cousins and sisters, we play a lot of make-believe games when we were young. There was no computers around way back then. Our outdoor "cooking" involve a person to go pluck the stuffs from the garden (thats marketing) and bringing it back to cook *LOL* Its like a big urmm.. open kitchen kinda cooking concept :D

I was lucky cos i have sisters and cousins to play with. Most of our games involve our imagination. We draw our own paper dolls and sis will help design loads of clothes for the dollies. (i still have my Sally) She'll come out with lots of dresses for our dollies. She should have taken up fashion design.

Sometimes we'll line up the chairs in the hall and pretend its a train... we can play for quite a while too.

When we go back to see grandma in Taiping, we'll pull the chairs in her hall and make a train too.. hahahhahaa.. i have more cousins to play with there.

All make believe games and boardgames. Our big red monopoly and scrabble is still around. Some blissful childhood memories sparked by the dandelions in our garden.

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baincardin said...

Hi Anny!

sudah blow kasi terbang ka belom itu bunga? ^_^

Unknown said...

hi Bain :)

suda jugo kasi blow the flowers.. haha.. i just did actually.. masih banyak lagi..

Rozella said...

I always used to close my eyes kuat-kuat, make a wish and then tiup! Hehehehe

Rozella said...

Sorta like candles lah I guess. :P

Nessa said...

I remember this errr... weed. Those days you can find them almost everywhere. I haven't seen one in years.

Main masak-masak is my sisters and me punya feveret game and oso homemade paper dolls :D Those were the good ol' days... now semua pun komputer!

Jackie said...

Hi Anny!
yes they are dandelions and they bring back wonderful memories for me too.

Make a wish and blow! Happy day!!

Unknown said...

kuat kuat ka Rozie? hehhehee.. i dooooo too.. hehehhee..
i dun get the tutup mata before making wishes.. hehehehe.. its like magic.. u have to close your eyes kan..

Unknown said...

yea.. dandelions are like candles on cakes.. :D

Unknown said...

Me just saw them in the garden lately cos the gardener blom datang... so a bit of weeds here and there.. :)

me go take a pic of my paper dolly and show u soon ya Nessa :D

Unknown said...

hi Jackie.. welcome to my site.. :)
yep.. close your eyes... make a wish and blow real hard.. and watch them float away.. its fun :D