Thursday already? Oh boy... i am in deep poo :D Here i am doing the Soppy Love Song on a Wednesday and kaboom! now its 15:02 on a Thursday. How did time speed up so fast. Must be the work of them yellow blinking faces.

My nephew Boy (we all call him Boy for some reason unknown to me still) is having his SPM exams this year. Whole lotta stress and studying. He decided to move into my working+sleeping room to study so that i can keep a eye on him and keep him company. We bought a cheap plastic foldable table and he set up office beside Dommy.

Dommy have to move his bed nearer to my table but thats where he sleeps most of the time. His poang is now nearer and nearer to the door. Soon... his chair will be outta the door *LOL* Poor Dommy.

Boy and i usually have weird conversations while he is studying. He was asking me.. "If I fart near Dommy, would Dommy be able to smell it?" *LOL* One of the other things that came up was this...

Boy: Do dogs fart?

Me: Yes they do

Boy: I don't think so.. how can dogs fart..

Me: They do they do... though i never hear them

Boy: You sure or not?

Me: Yes la.. let's bet.. how much?

Boy: 10 cents

Me: cheapo.

Boy: Are the fart smelly?

Me: I don't know le... ask Dom la..

Boy: Dommy.. do you fart?

Dommy: Playtime? Woof!

Boy: See... even Dommy says no.

We seek the almighty Google after that to prove our point... hehehe. Here's the results below courtesy from

Flatulence in dogs - dog farting - treating dog farts

and Yes.. i am 10 cents richer today :)

10 woofs:

Spiffy said...

Alamak, dogs fart? I better stay away from Pebbles la like this ... LOL!

Spiffy said...

And you actually went and do research for 10 cents, ah? LOL! Should have bet more la Annyboo ...

Spiffy said...

I wonder what can you buy wity 10cents these days ... alamak speaking of 10cents I think I still owe Bem his 10cents prize la ... sssshhhhhhh, don't remind him ... LOL!

Unknown said...

Yes they do... hahahhahaaa but i think Pebbles fart would even smell nice to u because you are so in love with her :D

Unknown said...

of coursh! 10 cents is still good money.. and and... research is always good to prove a point :)

the kid is a smarty pants.. he knows he's up against Google...

Unknown said...

u can't even buy a sweet with 10 cents today... or mebbe just one sweet :)

i got a solution for u regarding Bem's 10 cents... *shush*
Put a piece of paper over a 10cents... use a pencil and shade over the 10cents... and WALLA! u have 10 cents to send to Bem :)

matila saya if Bem sees this.. *LOL*

TH said...

same here brother-in-law son also having his SPM this year.

TH said...

his dad already complaining he failed many papers earlier so must pass math!! coz he failed math too

Unknown said...

wah.. Your sister's son also so big liao... hehehehhee

Unknown said...

now its quite hard to be a kid...cos everywhere competition... even if he failed his subjects in school.. if he is a good boy.. he will still pass in life.