We just got back in yesterday morning and its been like a roller coaster ride at work ;) Will be posting soon! Thanks to all who dropped by and drop all the lovely comments.

Not many pictures this time but loads of stories :D

Its a wee bit late today... will tell ya some tomorrow. Goodnite!

p/s: Another little furry fella tagged along and came home with us :D We had so much pee.. opps! I mean we had so much fun we forgot to keep up here :) Till tomorrow... opss! today :)

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Jason said...

How's it going,

You have a great pet blog here. Anyway, I have a debate site where anyone can freely express their opinion towards controversial debate topics. One of our latest debate topics has to do with pets and I thought that maybe you wanted to check it out and let everyone know what you think. This goes for the visitors as well, we welcome everyone.


Feel free to leave any opinions on other topics as well if you wish.

Take care.


Jake said...

Hey guys,

I found this ongoing debate and I wanted to share it with you:



Spiffy said...

Welcome back Annyboo and don't keep us waiting so long for your juicy stories, k? LOL!

yoon see said...

I am so glad you are back safely Anny.
Love you:)
Will drop by to read your fun sharing yeah.
Thanks for your comments Anny:)
Have a good rest after the road trip!

Nessa said...

Yeehoooo... Anny's back!! Welcome bek :D

fast, fast write story ya... hehe

Happy holidays. I'm sad with what's happening to Malaysia... so so sad :*(

Unknown said...

hi Jason :) welcome to our blog.
i'll go check the debate on your side.. hopping over soon :)

Unknown said...

hi Jake.. welcome welcome :D i've just been to the site and its pretty cool :D tks for the info!

Unknown said...

sorry Spiffy :D and bz seems to be a lame excuse lately.. hahhahahaa.. yep yep :D thanks for still dropping by...

Unknown said...

urmm.. no juicy stories la Spiffy but i do love your new ganas header :D cool man!

Unknown said...

hi YoonSee :D thanks for dropping by too :) sorry about not visiting lately.. Happy 1st Anniversary to you again... keep on blogging and hope you will be blogging for a loooong long time :)

Unknown said...

hola Ness :D ayam the backs :D finally... been travelling for 2 weekends.. and its tiring me out already.. getting ole ole..

Unknown said...

we r celebrating our Merdeka in a few days... somehow.. its not the same.. like it used to. Sad kan Ness..