Today's been quite a weird day. I woke up early but fell back to sleep after letting Dommy out for a leak. Emails... loads of it came in through the phone. Its been silent since i slept yesterday. Sis called and i didn't hear a thing too *LOL*

Sometimes i like a little silence. My tiny brain is so wrecked by the noises i hear each day. I only find silence at this hour of the night. When the whole household sleeps. Only the silent tabs of the keyboard entertained me now.

My Papa's hearing is getting bad. Each time he has the tv on, its getting loud and louder. *LOL* When he's not looking, i turn it 2 notch lower. But its really his house, he can have the tv as loud as he wants. I was just telling Papa just now... the door is gonna break away and fall off soon. He keeps banging the doors shut. I think he doesn't hear it so loudly. My face cringe each time the door bangs shut. Even Dommy's face contorts. *LOL*

I don't like to tell my dad what to do in his own house. Its not right. I don't know why it slipped out from my mouth just now. But i just told him that the door is going to fall off soon.. hahhahahaha

He always tells me that, when you are old, its good to have your own home. Dad always tells mom that if he should go first, he told mom never to sell the house. Just in case no one takes care of you, you'll always have your own home.

No one can tell you what to do and what not to do in your own home. I know he feels out of place when he is in my sisters houses. He doesn't know where to sit and what not to do and afraid that he'll mess up. I always watch my dad. When he comes home, he grins and say... ahhhhhhhh.. home. We are back home. Then he'll say.. there's no place like home. Then he'll go and turn his tv loud and louder and pour hot water in the sinks.

My papa is a very funny man. He likes to joke a lot and he has a fine selection of oldies in his mind. He loves to sing and wishes he can play the guitar. Worked hard all his life and still don't have much money on him. But enough to buy me breakfast and lunch too :)

He lives a lonely life now since mom left. They used to go everywhere together. They were like siamese twins. Even though there's three of us staying in this house, he says he's a very lonely man. I am working most of the time and if i am not working, i would be cooking.. or sleeping *LOL* and the blogging too.. hahahaa

Blogging is to save my sanity. Writing down things do make things better and let you see things in a new perspective. Its a way of finding out more about yourself.

He looks forward to weekends when my sisters make it home. He always seem happier when the kids are back. He was already smiling when my little sis called today and said that she's coming home this week. Not much to make an old man smile.

When you get to his age and your other half decides to go before you, it takes a while to get used to being alone. Your friends are dropping off like flies and you attend more funerals than weddings. I guess in the end, everyone ends up alone somehow.

Everyone have their quirks. I am not without any quirks too. Its a daily struggle to blend with each other because we are three different generations of people living in one house plus a dog... hahaha.. Thank God for the dog ;)

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Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I guess it must be hard for your dad being all alone. I know I would miss Mrs. Spiff like crazy if anything happened to her (TOUCH WOOD!) but sometimes I feel that even though they're older than us, if we need to speak out, then we should. Sometimes being older and wiser is not always being necessarily correct. And if we fear speaking out to our elder, then they'll sometimes never know that certain things they do is wrong or hurtful. Even us youngsters have feelings too and it's not good to keep it inside.

My humble honest opinion la this :D

Phew, this has to be my longest comment here la ... LOL!

And yes, thank god for dog :D

Unknown said...

It is hard for him and he is trying his very best to adapt.. old folks are not so good with changes to routines.
I'm from the old skool.. we do not speak back to elders because it would be ill-mannered and my mom will probably trip me if she could.. hahahahahaa..
I agree with you that being older doesn't always mean your are necessarily correct. but in my humble world, i would try to bite my tongue and move on. Its unnecessary to make them sad.
Urmm.. bila u jadi youngsters pulak.. hehehehe..i thought we are the oldies..

Thanks a lot for your honest opinion. I really appreciate that. This isssssssssss the longest comment ever from you.. hahhahahahaa...

and thank god for the woofs :)