Nobody's Child ~ Karen Young

Papa is listening to this right now :D Today he is not wearing his headphones :D lot more songs to share with you and me.

We used to listen to this song quite often when we were growing up. We do love to sing along to this song. Especially when we got scolded or practically have a bad day, this rhyme usually comes up automatically.. so emo.

Sometimes children go through tough times and when parents get really angry, harsh words do come out unintentionally. If they can still sing like my sisters and i about it, i guess they will be ok. But if they keep it all pent up inside and be quiet about it, then it will not be quite healthy in the long run.

I know i am not a parent to comment but before you open your mouths to yell at your kids, do count to 10... mebbe in the process, half of the harsh words would be gone by then.

2 woofs:

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I used to sing this song when I was a little boy (and no funny remarks about how long ago that was ... LOL!)

It sure does bring back memories :D

Unknown said...

little boy ka? means ur really old or older than me la... hehehhehee

this is the classic emo song.. when we get scolded.. hahahhahaa