Today is our nation's 52nd year of Independence.

Like old married couples, we have all lived in harmony for 52 years.. which is a long time. We have tolerated and respected each other's religion and ways of life. Why now do we become pawns of dirty corrupted politicians. People who instigate hate in you. And break you all apart.

A sombre day. A scaled down celebration. But why?

We have a big melting pot of a very diverse cultured rich people in our country. We even have a very wonderful range of food because of our diverse culture. A mix and a match of each spice of cultural background brings a whole new dish.

It doesn't really matter who's at the top. It matters that the person at the top remains fair and just in all his dealings to each and every Malaysian. It matters that he rules with fairness. It matters that corruption should be swept out (wishful thinking but still.. we wish). To remain at the top, you have to clean up your own act. Respect is always earned.

Greed always always breaks a person in the end. Its all just about greed and power. Don't forget the people while you have power.

Don't forget Yasmin and all her hard work to bring you One Malaysia.

We are Malaysians. We are One. Be proud of that and let the Jalur Gemilang fly high with pride.


Hey! Even the big giant Google didn't forget our 52nd birthday :) How cool is that :)

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Spiffy said...

The people in this country are all generally nice to each other. It's just the politicians who ruin everything with their greed for power.

I have to agree that the person at the top remains fair but sad to say unfortunately he isn't and the same goes for his bunch of useless stooges!

But all that said and done, here's wishing all the normal everyday 'rakyat' a happy national day :D

emilayusof said...

happy merdeka day, anny!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Merdeka to you too Spiffy :D

Unknown said...

Happy Merdeka to you too Emi :D