My Poodle Club at Dogathon 2009

Here i am with some of my poodle friends and Amber at Dogathon 2009.

Can you see Amber? She's the pretty girl in white in the middle. I am checking out the pretty brownie beside me :) Can you find me? We all kinda look alike.

I think i am one of the few regular poodles there. Most of them are the toy poodles and they are very pretty in the nice dresses and shoes.

I had a wonderful swell time with grandpa, PP and the rest of my family at Dogathon. I didn't find Moey but I met a whole lotta new friends. More photos soon :) woof!


4 woofs:

yunus said...

have a great moment ya!! :)

emilayusof said...

so cute la the banner!!!

Unknown said...

we did have a great moment Yun :) You should go too n take pics next year.. it is fun :)

Unknown said...

cute poodle doodle banner.. hahhahahaa.. ada poodle club pulak.. jangan main main.. hahhahahahaa