One fine day, i picked up a pen and found out that i have somehow forgotten how to write *LOL* I used the computer on most of my work... i am on the computer most of the day (not literally ON)... and i only type letters on email.

When i found out i forgot how to move the pen... i panicked. Oh man! Do i have to go back to school again? And start from kindy and learn how to write my ABCs. That kinda freaked me out.

And so i started to write again on paper. Over time i slowly start to write normally again. Hey! I didn't forget.. i just kinda needed some practise :D But my writing is still very much like urmm.. a doctor's handwriting. No one can very well read it except of course myself.

One of my bosses writes like that too. She scribbles all over a piece of paper and you kinda have to turn and turn the paper around to decipher what she wrote. It is like some weird code... *LOL* (ops! I hope she is not reading this) After working for her and the others for eons, i am proud to say that i finally am able to read what she writes. Else i would be sacked by now. But i think no one else can read my "flawless writings" hahhahahahahaha

And so... i am glad i have my mighty orange.

my mighty orange

We use the mouse quite a lot in our line of work. We are like at a gaming center... with the furious click click clicks... hehhehehehee... The keyboard is like my piano.

When i was at the office last week... i had to use some other mouse which was HUGE. (no pun intended for the "big huge mouse") Its double the size of my mighty orange. My hands are not exactly big... so i find it tiring and at the end of the day, my shoulders start to ache. I wonder if it was the big mouse that was causing the ache. Or maybe i was just tired.

The other yellow mouse on another system was with a faulty scroller. When i went to buy a mouse for my colleague, i stood staring at two mouse for quite a while. One was an wireless optical mouse which was going for a steal and the other one was the one like mine.. colourful and wired. I didn't know which one will fit my colleague's hand so i ended up buying a wireless mouse because it was about the same size as her yellow mouse :D

The mouse is something quite personal. Some people like them big... some like me.. like the small lighter mouse. What about you? Do you use the wireless optical mouse? Or the huge mouse? Or the tiny colourful mouse like mine? Or mouseless?

I am however so glad to be back home and back to my own mighty orange. It might be small but it sure is fast and packs a punch. (free advertisement for microsoft) *LOL*

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yoon see said...

Good write out of hand writing & mouse Anny!
Unlike you, I do balance both...He..He..

I guess with the invention of computer. Logically, we will use mouse more than our hand.
Unless, one don't need to attend to all the paper worklah!
Have fun doodling, it's also part of reconnecting the right brain charm & fun!

Spiffy said...

A pen? I think I've heard of that before. It's this long thing with ink inside, right? LOL!

Spiffy said...

I have a little mouse too. I can't stand those huge ones. we have two in the office, those Mac ones and they're sooooooooo huge that I hate to even touch them ...

Unknown said...

my line of work is less on the paperwork... and so the pen became quite foreign these few years.
i shud probably begin a balance again :) i shud start to draw again.. mebbe it will be different at this stage in my life.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

yea Spiffy... its that loooooooong thing with ink inside.. *LOL*

Unknown said...

the littlest of mouse.. hhehehhee.. people do wonder how i work with such a small mouse.. *LOL*
mebbe your hands are small too... hehehhehehe

Anonymous said...

I use a touchpad..cant use a mouse nowadays big or small..also been using computers too time got in a lift..and punched 1 and 4 to get to the 14th floor!


Nessa said...

"...and punched 1 and 4 to get to the 14th floor!"


Unknown said...

yep yep.. Stormy's been around a longgggggggg time and as long as computers were first around ;) patutla the 1 and 4 buttons on the lift.. hahhahahahhahaa

Unknown said...

He does that all the time Ness... all the time.. sometimes to just piss the people off in the lift.. :D