... we have stew to warm our tummies.

This evening brings a nice nice rain to cool down the house, water all the trees and plants in the garden and made me real lazy to cook :)

So i made a pot of chicken stew. Here are the main characters... tadaaaaaaaaaaa!
  1. Some pieces of chicken (i used the chicken thighs which are deboned by the nice auntie at the market)... cut the chicken to smaller pieces and marinate with some salt and pepper + a wee bit of corn flour to soften it.
  2. carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and a ms sweet potato
  3. big red onion, some cloves of garlic and a knob of ginger
  4. 2-3 pieces of dry chili (we had some dried chili from China that my aunt gave me.. which is really really hot.. i only used 2 pieces :o
  5. 1 piece of fresh parsley leaf (my uncle gave me a pot and told me its parsley) but it sure does not look like the parsley i know... hmmmm.. i'll take a picture of it tomorrow and show you guys.. mebbe someone can tell me what it is.. :)
  6. some dried spices.. urmmm.. i just put some rosemary and basil.. i didn't know which to use.. so i use both.. hahahhahahaha
  7. some oysters sauce and some tomato sauce
I think that sums up the characters for the pot of stew. You can add other vegetables or celery sticks or whatever that you like.

Here's how i cook my stew.
  1. Put some oil on a wok... put no (3) and stir stir stir... :)
  2. When its smelling fragrant... put in no (1) and stir stir stir... add a few drops of sesame oil, a pinch of salt and some coarse pepper + no (4) too.
  3. Dump in no (2) and stir stir stir too... add a wee bit of water so it doesn't get stuck.. my cooking gets stuck all the time *LOL*
  4. Transfer the stuffs on the wok into a pot... and add in enough water to cover all them stuffs. While letting it boil, go out and play with Dommy for a while but don't water the plants... (cos that will take too long)
  5. Come back to you pot of gurgling stuffs and poke the potatoes and carrots.. if they are cooked n softer than earlier... add in no (7). Oyster sauce should be added only after the stuffs are cooked. (don't ask me why.. that's what my aunt told me)
  6. Put in no (5) and (6)... boil for a while and that's the end :)

The colour doesn't look very appealing.. hehhehehe but it tasted ok la. You can eat it with bread or white rice. Dad had it with rice and a bit of bread. I had it with rice cos i am a rice person (i go weak without rice). Boy had it with bread only.

I don't like to put too much tomato sauce cos it will make it too tangy. You can add loads of other stuffs in as well. Do share with us your version of a homemade stew :)

Mine turns out quite differently each time *LOL* I am never consistent when it comes to cooking. Today's one was surprisingly sweeter than usual. Maybe it was the ms sweet potato :D

Happy trying.

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yoon see said...

Yeah, it rained like cat & dog here too. I got wet....

It's nice to have something hot:)

I used to cook this too, very often when my late father was around.
He liked ABC soup, this is how he called it.
But I don't put in any Chili or dry Chili!

Spiffy said...

Yay, it rained here too and both Mrs. Spiff and me discovered that Pebbles is afraid of thunder! LOL! She ran and jumped on Mrs. Spiff and held on tight to her everytime there was thunder ... so funny la ... LOL!

And now I feel like having chicken stew, can PosRaju some ah? LOL!

Unknown said...

its been raining every evening.. which is very good cos it cools the house down..

it was quite nice i must say.. hehe..

this is not abc soup.. the sauce is thicker on this.. its good to dip the bread in :) the dry chili gives it an oomph :D

Unknown said...

poor Pebbles... dogs are actually quite petrified of thunder.. cos they hear it louder than us i guess.. Piper is very afraid of thunder... he has a shocked look each time there's a thunder clap... she's a smarty pants to jump on Mrs Spiff... she must be so spoiled by Mrs Spiff by now.. hehehhehe

PosRaju ka? hhahhaaa.. MBJ to u la.. next time :D